Travel Tips 2: A Look Inside A Pro Traveler’s Carry-On

imagethink a well packed carry on can help you beat jet lag, stay rested and relaxed, and bring your most innovative ideas to your conference, brainstorm session, or strategy session. Infographic illustrated by Greta Hayes.

Business travelers are constantly on the go, jet setting from brainstorm meeting to strategy session to conference with sometimes little time in between to recharge. Especially during the busy seasons, it can be tricky to stay at the top of your game when jet lag, exhaustion, and the airport crazies have kicked in. At ImageThink, we understand this as well as anybody. Our graphic recorders know they have to bring their A Game to every session they support, even when those sessions are back to back with nothing but planes, trains, and a few hours of sleep to separate them.

In our last travel-tips post, we talked about the basics of surviving and thriving as a business traveler. In this post, we want to dive into one of the key things every business traveler should have to stay happy while on the road: a well packed carry on.

Invest in a good suitcase up front – it’s worth it! If you travel frequently, chances are your bargain suitcase just won’t hold up from the wear and tear of travel, and you’ll have to replace it faster than you’d expect. You can even get suitcases with built in chargers to keep your devices ready to go at any moment, as airports and airlines are notoriously devoid of outlets. These are especially useful when you have back to back meetings with no time to recharge your batteries in between.

imagethink graphic recorder Greta Hayes suggests noise cancelling headphones to help you stay relaxed, rested, and ready to engage your audience and conference attendees.

When traveling, you need to fit in some rest and relaxation whenever you can if you are going to bring your best energy to that brainstorm meeting you’ve been planning for all month. Noise cancelling headphones let you turn plane time into rest-and-recharge time. Drown out any unwanted and stressful noise: say goodbye to crying babies, your seat mate’s music on full blast, and the guy snoring across the aisle.  When you get off the plane, you’ll be rested and ready to bring your most innovative ideas to the brainstorm.

dress to impress. visuals can make all the difference when trying to make an impact on your conference participants.

Even when you feel exhausted from that delayed flight, you still need to look your best if you want to engage your audience. That’s why attention to the kinds of clothes you pack can make all the difference. Clothes that travel well in a suitcase are ideal. Wrinkle free clothes (or clothes only needing shower steam to be ready to wear) make your life that much easier.

imagethink graphic recorder Greta Hayes suggests bringing shoes that can work for comfort and style at your conference.

Shop smart. Look for shoes that double as both professional and everyday shoes — you’ll eliminate having to bring an extra pair, making your bag lighter and freeing up space in your luggage for other travel necessities, such as water, chapstick, and lotion.

Business travelers should subscribe to innovative magazines to stay up to date and inspired while on the road.

Subscribe to a magazine you love to stay up to date and inspired even when you’re on the road. It provides you with compelling reading material and can give you some innovative new ideas even when the WiFi fritzes out halfway through your flight. Magazines are also light and easy to travel with, unlike books which can be heavy and large.

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Greta Hayes, graphic recorder @ImageThink

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