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Draw Your Big Idea

Front Cover of 'Draw Your Big Idea', a graphic recording book by Nora Herting.

We’re living in a visual age. Today, research shows images speak louder than words–and they help us think. Visual note-taking boosts memory retention by nearly 30 percent, and opens creative pathways, strengthens focus, and inspires self-expression.

At ImageThink, we believe the benefits of thinking in images shouldn’t be limited to business – anyone who wants to turn their thoughts into action and dreams into reality now can.

Our founders’ book – Draw Your Big Idea – features 100-plus exercises to help you brainstorm, refine and execute ideas in your home, design studio, and office. With this visual thinking workbook, you’ll learn to visualize your ideas, transform your creative processes and beat your creative block – for good!

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Draw your big idea book

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The big ideas book encourages us all to embrace the “increasingly visual age… and harness the power of visual thinking to stimulate creative ideas, and gain increasing clarity. [Draw Your Big Idea is] a real opportunity to get.


Nora Herting, founder and CEO of ImageThink wouldn’t call what she does doodling. Her company helps businesses chart conversations and complex issues with live interactive drawing events and visual note-taking.

Sarah Lindenfeld HallFast Company

ImageThink works with companies to “map out” their brainstorming sessions visually a leader in its field.

Norm BrodskyInc

People are more likely to understand and retain complex information if it is presented visually rather than in a purely verbal form.

Killian FoxThe Guardian

Standing in front of a large poster board is Heather Willems. It’s her job to illustrate everything Wolfram talks about during his 60-minute keynote in real time By the time Wolfram is wrapping up, Willems has finished an illustrated version of the keynote with diagrams, captions, and even a drawing of the toy triceratops.

Pete PachalMashable

Creativity Cards

Four ImageThink Creativity cards fanned out, displaying a few sample creativity prompts.

Feeling stuck in the proverbial box? Like a Magic Eye Puzzle, staring too hard at the same thing can lock you in exactly when stepping back is what’s needed in order to uncover a solution.

That’s why we created our Creativity Card deck. Each card has a fun and unique exercise designed to prompt creative thinking. They’re a great way to jump-start imagination and invigorate lateral thinking, whether by yourself or with your team. You might be surprised at the way that the energy you create while using them can be brought back to your daily tasks!

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ImageThink is a Visual Strategy Firm founded in New York City in 2009. Featured in TED Talks, on the Today Show, and in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, ImageThink has visualized the big ideas of some of the most influential companies and thought leaders in thirteen countries on four continents.

Nora Herting is the Founder and CEO of ImageThink, and an award-winning artist with a background in education and facilitation. A former visiting professor at Denison University, Nora has taught courses in art and visual problem-solving and has served as an artist-in-residence at numerous institutions. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

If you like our graphic recording book or creativity cards, find more tips, tricks, and insights over on our blog.

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