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Spaceship themed animated strategic visual, mapping out a business plan.
(Click image to animate) The above space-themed animated strategic visual was the result of a series of strategic planning sessions and static boards that ImageThink created with our client.

Capture and communicate your most valuable insights with beautiful and informative visual storytelling. ImageThink may be best known for its on-site visual note taking, but our team also creates elegant, eye-popping strategic visuals for clients in our studio, allowing for more consideration, collaboration, and iteration.

See it in Action

ImageThink helps teams visualize and share their insights with hand illustrated murals

Solidify Strategy

From goal setting to journey mapping, ImageThink helps clients develop and capture sound visual strategic plans and clearly communicated mission statements. This strategic illustration can be animated or turned into explainer videos to be shared with a Board of Trustees and internal stakeholders.

Amplify Corporate Culture

We help clients align on company value statements, conduct internal social listening, and have the difficult discussions needed to foster a healthy, happy, and productive workplace. From internal decks and training videos, to DEI materials; from company historical timelines, and staff onboarding documents, we’ll help you see, and share, the big picture.

Strategic illustration and visual recording offers an opportunity for individuals and attendees to share your content

Maximize Reach

Whether you need punchier sales decks, evergreen marketing and social media assets, or animated explainer videos, our studio team can take material from live sessions, or create entirely new assets to help your visual storytelling!

Create one-of-a-kind visual recordings and mementos with the ImageThink Team

Commemorate and Celebrate

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your team, honor a stakeholder, or memorialize major moments? ImageThink can create amazing visuals in studio. From mapping organizational history, visual bios, to team-wide social listening murals, we create one-of-a-kind visual recordings and mementos . We can also isolate almost any icon for printing on a variety of merchandise or gifts.


Benefits of Practicing Visual Strategy
  • Align on goals, map out a strategic visualization plan, and assign action items and owners with strategic illustration
  • Create hand-illustrated infographics highlighting company values, histories, and timelines
  • Visualize customer, client, or patient journey maps to guide decision-making
  • Build departmental and organizational charts, clarifying structure
  • Develop clear, vibrant, reusable marketing and sales content
  • Produce powerful and dynamic brand or product explainer videos
  • Celebrate and thank participants with one-of-a-kind, hand-illustrated visual bios
  • Craft valuable, actionable, and visual mission statements and strategic visions
  • Continue to improve organizational morale and sense of connection with an internal social listening mural

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“Nora’s visualization at the end was amazing – keep doing that for future customer interactions, because I’ve never seen that before and was a cool way to end the session.”

We just wrapped the first day of the advisory board and wanted to share some high level feedback on the graphic image – all around powerful. Takeda was especially please with the participants reactions!

“Phenomenal and right to the point. Never seen this laid out like this.”

“I have not cried since my diagnosis until today. Strange how one illustration brought it all out. Lots of virtual hugs.”

The image assets were outstanding and will be great artifact for our Product Managers moving forward.

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  • Ogilvy
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  • Toyota

Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling, as the name suggests, is the practice of conveying information or narrative using pictures and words. In our work, ImageThink graphic recorders use visual mnemonic devices, colorful characters, and hierarchical text to make sure your big ideas are memorialized in a beautiful, shareable fashion.

How can you use visual recording and strategic illustration to market your brand?

By illustrating your insights and areas of expertise, ImageThink’s team of graphic recorders can provide you with internal and external marketing collateral. The assets we create can be printed to physical media, shared digitally, or animated. Any way you want to share your ideas, we can help!

What are some advantages of strategic illustration, visual recording, animated video, and hand-drawn infographics?

65% percent of the population are visual learners, and the human brain processes images faster than text or audio inputs. ImageThink’s notes, time lapse videos, and animations leverage this biological fact to help make your message more memorable and engaging.

How much does it cost?

At ImageThink, our work to visualize your insights with strategic illustration is priced according to the nature of your engagement – whether it’s an internal meeting or public conference, for example – and how much support you need. Staffing, time, and materials are all factors in our rate card. Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.


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