The Benefits of Digital Graphic Recording

ImageThink digital graphic recording captivates audiences with impactful visuals.

With IMAX scale and a sleek, low profile set-up, digital graphic recording is a great way to deliver impact to any audience.

Digital Graphic Recording: Build on Last Year’s Success with Next Year’s Tech

If you’ve had graphic recording at a meeting, or a conference, or a major industry event, you may be wondering how to build on the attendee engagement it created. Maybe you’re planning to use graphic recording or visual note taking at next year’s big tradeshow and desire a new, visually exciting way of captivating your audience. ImageThink’s digital graphic recording service has you covered.

Digital graphic recording provides a number of benefits and is our clients’ go-to for compelling visual support that makes content stick, during and beyond your event. While projecting visuals on a movie theater scale might be the flashiest benefit, there’s much more to consider when thinking about how digital graphic recording can enhance your event. Read on to learn the ways your business can benefit from creating a captivating digital engagement for your audience.

1. Modernizing the Traditional

Since you’re reading this on the ImageThink website, you probably know that graphic recording capitalizes on the brain’s preference for visuals, enabling attendees to absorb and connect with information in ways unlike speeches or PowerPoint presentations. Graphic recording not only captivates audiences neurologically but emotionally, too, allowing attendees to take more away from your event.

Perhaps the greatest value add of digital graphic recording is that it brings all the benefits of traditional graphic recording, but is immediately editable, scalable, and shareable on site. Your audience is more likely to remember and resonate with your message when it is visually summarized in real-time.

2. Instantaneous Social Sharing

ImageThink digital graphic recording creates instantly shareable social media visual assets.

Our digital captures became the backbone of Braze’s social media campaign during the 2017 LTR Conference.

Digital graphic recording offers a great deal of flexibility for our creative team, but more importantly, for our clients and creative partners. Want to share a great visual summary of the keynote with the thought leader who gave it?  Since our digital artwork is high fidelity and compatible with social media platforms, your visual assets are ready to share online before the speaker even leaves the stage.

Braze’s LTR conference was an opportunity to connect with their customer base and roll out new services to their users. But just as much, it was a day devoted to inspirational speakers who touched on everything from the future of AI to the particularities of the millennial workforce. With such rich content, Braze was eager to share it in real time and attendees were eager for a copy of their own. We uploaded our digital graphic recordings to an online gallery as each session concluded, meaning that the conversation went from in the room to online without ever missing a beat. The images later became the core of their post-event page as both still images and timelapse videos.

This aspect of instantaneous shareability is equally as important for event-sponsors, your brand’s online audience, and members who could not be in attendance at your event. Like live video on social channels revolutionized event promotion, digital graphic recording, whether in still, or timelapse video, gives your audience a taste of what your event entails. With readily available digital assets, those following your event online, and those measuring its impact are met with visually exciting content sure to evoke robust discussion.

3. Adaptability from Anywhere and Everywhere

Whether you’re looking to create a digital, visual presence in a remote meeting, hybrid conference, or in-person event, ImageThink visual strategists are equipped to offer in-person or remote visual support from anywhere, at any time. Typically, we provide digital graphic recording in-person and at your event space, but the service’s unique nature also enables us to dial in to your conference or meeting if it better serves you. Through the adaptability and compatibility of digital graphic recording, ImageThink is provided with a way to work with, and support clients from different geographies and time zones.

4. Evergreen Visual Assets

Mission statements, call to actions, or a map of your organization’s strategy or values take on a life of their own after your session wraps. They have the power to act as evergreen assets in the office, online, and even in future pitches and presentations.

Sapphire Now is SAP’s annual user conference. Every year, business and IT executives come from around the world to learn about new SAP products, and to hear how the company’s roadmap will help them get the most of their own SAP ecosystem.

ImageThink reinforced the presentations of SAP spokespeople and created compelling summaries of client success stories, sparking attendee interest and attention. Our images helped to build momentum and add new meaning to what SAP can provide their enterprise customer base. SAP’s content marketing team continues to utilize the content we created as a tool to stoke conversation and engagement on social media channels. 

5. Faster Feedback Loop

Digital graphic recording also empowers you as a client, to have more control over the final output. Bringing in an external vendor or contractor to provide a service can often leave businesses with some level of concern over whether the service offering “fits” their brand. The beauty of digital graphic recording is that it is an excellent medium for close collaboration, ensuring that what we create is what you envisioned. Working digitally is like doing the crossword on your phone, rather than in ink.

The ease of editing inherent to digital graphic recording leaves room for ample iterations or improvements. From minor tweaks to wording or visual elements, to past client work edited to fit a major rebrand, digital graphic recording takes the complication out of the renovation.

6. Imagery That Scales to Your Needs

Whether two feet or twenty, ImageThink digital graphic recording scales to your needs.

Whether it’s two feet or twenty, digital graphic recording scales to your screens and your needs.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about how digital graphic recording can be used to create a large audience impact with a low impact set up. The ability to work at an IMAX scale is a very attractive feature of ImageThink’s capabilities, but our digital workflow can also be applied to your meeting room, a teleconference, or a small breakout group.

Do you have a meeting that spans several locations? Or perhaps a small presentation in your tradeshow booth? ImageThink digital graphic recording services seamlessly integrate to the specific scale of your events. All you need is a display, and we’ll work to make sure our imagery fits!

Ready to Make a Major Impact with Digital Graphic Recording?

With knowledge of the myriad ways digital graphic recording can create value at your event, we hope to have painted a clearer picture of whether traditional or digitized is right for your event.

Want to learn more? Schedule a call with our Sales Manager to find out how you can make a larger impact at your next event with digital graphic recording.

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