3 Ways Digital Graphic Recording Is Changing The Conference Game

Ride The Digital Wave

At ImageThink, we’re constantly innovating new ways to deliver exciting results to our clients, while staying on trend and up to date in our methods.  That means always being on the lookout for new tools to use as graphic recorders.  In addition to our traditional route – analog capture of graphic recording – we also capture for our clients digitally, making sure we’re staying on top of digital trends.

If the first few months of 2019 are any indicator, digital graphic recording is growing in popularity–and for good reason. Apart from its sleek setup and aesthetic, going digital has a range of benefits we’re only beginning to tap into. Here are just a few ways that digital graphic recording can help you make the most of your next conference.  

Digital graphic recordings were turned into timelapse videos overnight at Inc. 5000.

Set Your Big Ideas In Motion With Instant Timelapse Videos

If video content is the future, then the future is now. From snapchat to the New York Times, media groups at every level are tapping into a hunger for short, engaging videos that communicate quickly, efficiently, and memorably.  Now, thanks to digital graphic recording, you can, too.

That’s because our digital capabilities create a real-time timelapse of our infographic murals as they are created, meaning that your team has valuable video content nearly instantly. Share it on your website, recap sessions for folks who missed it, or post it on your social channels and watch the retweets flood in.

Timelapse recordings of ImageThink's visual summaries ported to a social sharing wall at 2018's Inc 5000, creating a great photo op for conference attendees.
Timelapse recordings of ImageThink’s visual summaries ported to a social sharing wall at 2018’s Inc 5000, creating a great photo op for conference attendees.

From Custom Apps To iMax, Create Immersive Attendee Experiences

The most successful conferences create a cohesive and immersive experience for their attendees. From the moment they pull up to the venue to the moment they leave, there should be touchpoints that create a memorable narrative, one they can share with colleagues online and in person months later. Digital graphics are a great way to create a unified aesthetic from keynote ballroom to tradeshow floor.

Because digital graphic recording can be shared to an AV team in real time, the visual summaries can be displayed across your conference at nearly any scale or number of outputs. That means attendees can engage with the content during keynote sessions, in a custom app gallery, or in rotating lobby displays that reinforce speaker content and key takeaways, and create a holistic conference experience

Build A Global Community: Share Online In Real Time

Conferences are obviously designed to bring insight, learnings, and value to the folks in attendance. But like Fast Co’s Innovation Festival, which streamed main stage sessions live into Grand Central Terminal, conferences can also act as a way to build buzz with an external audience of fans, followers, and influencers.

With digital graphic recording, you don’t have to decide who gets to see the magic of live scribing and who has to be left out in the cold. That’s because remote-casting allows a live stream of our digital murals to be shared online to a global community as they unfold in real time. Talk about brand building!

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