Virtual Meeting Facilitation

ImageThink brings real world experience into the virtual one. Using design thinking principles, digital graphic recording, and our own ImageThink Method™, we keep meeting attendees connected, creative, and collaborative.

How It Works

virtual meeting facilitation with ImageThink

Skilled Digital Graphic Facilitation

Virtual meetings need clear leadership. ImageThink’s facilitation techniques foster active conversations to keep your group engaged and your meeting objectives moving forward. Our remote meetings facilitation team will host, manage, facilitate and document your session with digital graphic recording so you can collaborate, brainstorm, and work together, even when apart.

Virtual Strategic Planning Sessions benfit from a shared agenda.

Start with an Effective Plan

Even more important than in face-to-face gatherings, a well-made visual agenda keeps everyone focused and on topic while joining remotely. ImageThink virtual meeting facilitation begins with helping our clients design their agenda. This document is a powerful tool for advancing discussion, predicting potential sticking points, elevating voices, and encouraging participation.

linkedin live interview with Nora Herting and Michael Walsh with live virtual graphic recording

Capture the Winning Ideas

With ImageThink, digital graphic recording allows your participants to see their suggestions illustrated in real-time, keeping everyone focused and engaged on the discussion at hand. These assets are created digitally, so they can be sent to the full team immediately after the virtual meeting ends. Beyond providing a record of what was said, visual notes automatically encourage the creation of visual mnemonic devices, which means your meeting is more memorable.

Video: Creative Virtual Meeting Inspiration


Virtual meeting facilitation helping clients transform the in-person experience to the virtual space
  • Platform agnostic: visualize ideas in real time, no matter where you are
  • Inspire individual and collaborative creativity with visual exercises
  • Map out strategy with hand-captured digital illustrations
  • Activate more parts of the brain, making your meeting more memorable
  • Receive immediately shareable assets that document your best ideas
  • Illustrate advisory boards, journey maps, and customer profiles with insights from your full team
  • Stand out in client pitch meetings

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  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
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  • Toyota

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual meeting facilitation and why do I need it?

Virtual meeting facilitation is a critical part of today’s distributed workforce strategy. Meeting facilitators create agendas and design exercises to engage and guide attendees. At ImageThink, our virtual meeting facilitation includes digital graphic recording, which is the real-time translation of conversations or presentations into text and pictures. Digital graphic recorders do three things simultaneously: they listen for key ideas, synthesize them, and document them in visual form.

What is the purpose of digital graphic recording at a meeting?

Digital graphic recording gives meeting and conference attendees an opportunity to absorb content on a visual level. Many people are visual learners, and studies indicate that people remember more information when combined with visuals than they do from the spoken word alone. In a virtual meeting, digital graphic recording increases engagement and memory-retention for the participants.

During a virtual brainstorm or strategy planning session, a skilled graphic recorder will synthesize all of the group’s contributions into a coherent visual while revealing connections between ideas that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. This practice promotes creative thinking, collaboration and deeper engagement by creating a collective vision (literally).

How do you make virtual meetings more productive?

In our ImageThink workshops, we teach several ways to make meetings more productive, including effective whiteboarding techniques, group creativity exercises, and best practices for assigning action items and owners when the meeting is done.

How much does it cost?

At ImageThink, we price our virtual meeting facilitation and digital graphic recording services according to the nature of your engagement – whether it’s an internal meeting or public conference, for example – and how much support you need. Staffing, time, and materials are all factors in our rate card. Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.


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