7 Ways Graphic Recording Will Give Your Audience An Event To Remember 

ImageThink graphic recording ignites keynotes at conferences.
Graphic recording at conferences are instantly sharable and helpful for creating buzz around your content.

Dreading Your Next Big Conference? You Don’t Have To.

Sometimes, it’s like magic.

A keynote speaker keeps every attendee on the edge of their seats with an undeniable stage presence, unparalleled charisma, and incredible insights.  

Just as often, though, it’s… not.

At ImageThink, we know how hard it is to hold an audience’s attention with even the most compelling subject. We also know how crucial it is to keep an audience engaged when you have funneled time, energy, and resources into a conference. 

We’ve spent the past 10 years perfecting the craft of using real-time visuals to enhance information, ensuring that the attendees you invite to your event walk away from it energized and engaged with your big ideas. 

Here are just a few ways that graphic recording can make your next conference or tradeshow event the talk of the town. 

Keep Audiences Engaged, No Matter Their Learning Method

Roughly 65% of people of visual learners. Don’t leave over half your audience hanging—give them the mental foothold they need, with graphic recording. Graphic recording, which unfolds in real time to synthesize and illustrate key talking points, provides a visual “sounding board” to speaker content. Far from distracting an audience from the presenter, our graphic recorders devote themselves to finding visually interesting ways of reinforcing their talking points. 

Graphic recording can be used to gain insights at conferences and tradshows with social listening.
ImageBoard galleries can be used to increase “stay time” at your tradeshow booth.

Say Goodbye to Powerpoint 

Unlike powerpoint slides, graphic recording is a living document of your presentation, and adds a uniquely human element to the session. Instead of zoning-out in front of the eighth pie chart of the day, you’re attendees will stay alert and engaged with a graphic that is as informative as it is entertaining. And because our graphic recorders are experts at condensing information into a single board, previously invisible connections are literally drawn out in real time. 

Graphic recording becomes a conversation starter at tradeshows.
Big ideas and keynotes are preserved with graphic recording and become conversation starters.

Get The Conversation Started, with Social Listening Murals… 

The most successful conferences are conversation starters. Flip the focus around to your attendees with social listening murals, to gather insights and stoke meaningful discussion.  Transform that tradeshow booth or coffee station into an activated space for ideas, and give your team an avenue to talk to attendees on a deeper level.  

Keep It Going Online, With Social Media Assets

With hashtag worthy ImageBoards created in real time, you’ll be at no loss for online content to keep the conversation going on social media during and after the event. And because tweets with images are 150% more likely to be retweeted than ones with text only, you can rest easy knowing that our graphic recording will put you ahead of the game. 

Digital graphic recording creates a seamless visual reinforcement of keynotes.
Keynote speakers benefit from compelling visuals that reinforce key ideas.

Jump Into The 22nd Century, With Digital Graphic Recording 

Whether you’re looking for a tech-centric aesthetic or a sleek design solution, digital graphic recording is the answer for you. Scalable and nimble, digital graphic recording allows your content to be captured in real time and projected to a screen of any scale, or even to multiple rooms simultaneously.  

Antsy to get your content online as quick as possible? Digital graphic recording closes the gap between the end of your session and web-ready content to a matter of minutes. 

ImageThink graphic recording towers at SxSW conference.
Imageboards take on a new life as installations in the halls of SXSW.

Immerse Attendees In A World Of Information

Ever feel like the knowledge and experience of your team could fill a city? Now it can, with our graphic recording towers. Up to three levels tall, graphic recording towers give you the power to display your content in an immersive way, and event attendees a unique way to interact with it. Not to mention that social media worthy photo op!  

How Will Graphic Recording Engage and Captivate Your Audience?

Do you have a cool new product that you want people to understand? A message that will drive home your organization’s values? An innovative way to bring people to your space in a crowded showroom floor?

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