The Power Of The GIF

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GIFs are a simple and effective tool to keep your visuals engaging to your audience.

Lean Into the Age of Visual Communication, With Animated GIFs

The world is increasingly embracing visual communication as a means of cutting through complexity and connecting with audiences on a mass scale. ImageThink has always strived to stay on the cutting edge of visual problem solving, to deliver high impact services to clients across industries and across the globe. With more and more clients looking to integrate animated imagery into their marketing campaigns, we’re excited to share our new GIF service.

GIFs are short, looping animated icons, and in recent years they have become central to internet culture. They’re attractive, easy to consume, and elevate your message in an engaging way. Here are just a few reasons to jump on the GIF train:

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GIF made by ImageThink for ServiceNow, from digital graphic recording material.

Power Up: Re-leverage Your Digital Graphic Recording

Whether we supported your last event or you’re bringing us on for the next, animated GIFs are a natural add on to make the most of every digital image we create. Our team of visual strategists will break out the most resonant images to create shareable, embeddable animations. You’ll make the most out of your engagement with us, and ensure that valuable insights live on long past the end of the event.

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Promotional GIF for ImageThink’s workshop at GISC in Cape Cod..

Build Our Your Content Calendar: Evergreen Marketing Assets

Online presence is crucial to any marketing effort. Peppering animated assets into your social media calendar on a monthly basis is a great way to attract and sustain interest, especially leading up to key events.

Attractive, emotionally resonant, and supported on nearly every social platform from Facebook to Twitter, they are a great alternative to still images or full-length videos.

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ImageThink provided GIFs for Waters Corp. to get the word out about their space at Pittcon.

Tell Your Story, Prime Your Audience

Getting ready for a tradeshow? Setting yourself apart ahead of time will make you stand out even more on the tradeshow floor. When Waters Corp invited us to create an onsite social listening mural at last year’s PittCon, we helped them get their audience ready with an animated infographic.

Because it was in GIF form, they were able to embed it in their newsletter to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. When the tradeshow opened and attendees flooded in, their interest in Waters was already piqued, making the social listening mural a huge success.

Looking to animate your brand story? Get in touch with one of our account managers, and we’ll find a way to make your message resonate with your audience, with infographics, time lapse videos, and GIFs.

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