Defeat Summer FOMO With Graphic Recording

Tradeshow attendees take pictures of ImageThink graphic recording boards.

Fear Of Missing Out? Graphic Recording Can Help. 

As we swing into peak vacation season, those stretching sunny days, it’s hard not to feel like no matter how we spend our time, there’s… something else we could be doing that’s even better. But that FOMO feeling isn’t limited to those photos your friends just posted of the beach without you there.

That’s because summer days are just as packed with big name conferences like Cannes Lions, San Diego Comic Con, and SEAT, as it is with days at Coney Island and the High Line.

But don’t worry. While you can’t attend every conference, here at ImageThink we use graphic recording to capture key insights in real time. The end result is a memorialized record of the conversation, meaning you never have to worry about missing or forgetting information again.

These are a few ways to defeat FOMO with graphic recording.

ImageThink's graphic recording fill a hallway at the Mayfield Fund conference in California.Graphic recordings line the halls of this California conference.

Make The Most Of Multi Track Conferences 

While many conferences give the morning over entirely to a big-name keynote, attendees are often forced to choose between concurrent tracks in the afternoon. But choosing between simultaneous sessions isn’t always easy, especially if your job requires you to wear more hat than one. 

Graphic recording makes the choice just a little bit easier. By providing real-time visual summaries for folks who couldn’t be present in the room, graphic recording lets them enjoy the session they’re in without worrying about what others they might be missing. ImageBoard gallery walks and graphic recording towers give attendees a chance to glimpse what they missed at their own leisure. Not to mention adding a great #PhotoOp to the conference floor! 

And because we always provide our clients with a digitized online gallery of images, attendees don’t ever have to worry about forgetting that “aha” moment ever again. Simply share the gallery link, and those meaning-making moments are theirs for the keeping.  

ImageThink graphic recorder uses digital technology to scribe a session online.Remote graphic recording means takes scribing online for more meaningful virtual meetings.

Tune In From The Beach To The Office Building, With Remote Graphic Recording

Whether your team members are traveling for work or pleasure, summertime schedules make video calls a workplace essential. Give them a shared visual anchor point, with remote graphic recording. 

Because we know that the conference room has gone virtual, we’ve gone virtual too, with expanded digital graphic recording capabilities. Remote graphic recording pairs our digital capabilities with screen-sharing video apps to create a living document of your conversation that the entire team can see develop in real time. It can be used in webinars, on conference calls, or even in one-on-one virtual meetings. That means clearer communication, no matter how many time zones your team is straddling.  

It’s a simple add on that makes a world of difference. All we need is high bandwidth internet and an app like GoToMeeting or Zoom, and we’re ready to scribe your session live online. 

imagethink, digital graphic recording, appboy, braze, ltr, social media
Our digital captures became the backbone of Braze’s social media campaign during last year’s LTR conference.

Go Social, With Digital Graphic Recording 

Social media might have been the birthplace of FOMO, but with digital graphic recording, we think it might also be the cure.  

That’s because digital graphic recording isn’t only sleek and scalable. It’s also the best way to get speakers’ content illustrated and online in the blink of an eye. From SAP to Service Now, leading companies trust us to create beautiful visual summaries in real time—and then to break them into tweetable chunks to keep the conversation going online.  

From new lead generation, to audience retention, to simply keeping your online fans in the loop, digital graphic recording is a surefire way to expand your message beyond the bounds of the conference floor.  

ImageThink's graphic recorder Derrick Dent uses post its and a visual template to track progress.At ImageThink, we use dynamic visual templates to track progress in the office.

Keep Traveling Teams Aligned, With Customized Templates 

ImageThink is no stranger to team members flitting in and out of the office. Supporting sessions worldwide means our graphic recorders are always on the road, and a rare day to have all team members on deck. If your office is similar, you know that keeping everyone in the loop is a task that requires diligence, intention, and serious communication skills. 

While digital tools are crucial, we believe in the power of shared visuals to anchor traveling teams. From whiteboard calendars to magnetic CRM pipelines, we’ve created a host of visual tools to help keep our team members on the same page, track collective progress, and ensure that crucial information lives in a shared and easily accessible space. Hosting information in shared space means that even as our team members move in and out of the office, we can continue important work without a hitch. From infographic murals to shareable print outs, we’ve created custom templates that help our clients do the same.  

ImageThink graphic recorder Ona Rygelis scribes on a blackboard at a tradeshow booth.

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