2024 Event Trends

What Event Trends Are in Store for 2024?

As the go-to event partner for some of the largest companies and institutions in the world, we like to stay on the cusp of event trends and innovations to provide our clients with “wow”-worthy experiences.

In the past few months, we’ve seen certain trends circulate the event space. We thought we’d share them with you to present you with a roadmap to work from as you plan your next event.

From integrating cutting-edge technology to immersive event services and tools, the opportunities to leave a lasting impression and host a truly memorable, engaging event are endless.

2024 event trends

Event Technology Trends

Technology continues to revolutionize the way we engage and interact in both our personal and professional lives. 2024 events are at the forefront of technology adoption and integration.

Most notably, event agencies are growing fonder of AI capabilities and leveraging generative AI to craft experiences and event agendas tailored to and based on attendees’ interests, behaviors, and preferences. These highly personalized, “for you” event experiences result in greater engagement and satisfaction from attendees, driving customer loyalty and repeat attendance.

In addition to AI’s ability to customize event experiences, it’s also one of 2024’s largest trends in event planning. AI tools like Chat GPT have introduced new ways to automate tasks enabling event planners and marketers to focus on more strategic event elements.

Other technological gamechangers, like virtual and augmented reality continue to transpose attendees into new realms. With a projected market growth rate of 10.77% and revenue projection of $38.6bn in 2024, AR and VR will remain a hot commodity in the event space.

Even digital graphic recording, a longstanding core offering at ImageThink, seamlessly complement a tech-infused experience by projecting dynamic live visual notes to every event app and display. With AI tools to enhance digital boards post-capture, top-notch quality and innovation is always in order.

Digital graphic recording complements a tech-infused experience, and remains a top technology event trend.

These tech tools enhance the attendee experience, expand event reach by enabling virtual and remote participation, and offer unique sponsorship opportunities.

Engaging, Immersive Tools

Passive participation at events and conferences is a thing of the past. Today’s events turn spectators into active contributors of the event narrative.

We see it first hand when we’re brought in to provide interactive, experiential activations like social listening murals – there’s an eagerness from attendees to participate and add to the overall discussion.

Social listening murals continue to be an event trend, suited for engaging large conference crowds.

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Much like graphic recorders gather input from attendees in the development of a social listening mural, live polling and interactive Q&A sessions give attendees the opportunity to ask questions, share opinions, and provide feedback in real-time. Event planners who integrate live polling Q&As demonstrate a responsiveness to attendees’ interests and preferences, and since they are simple to implement and cost-effective, it’s a win-win.

Additional tools of engagement, like event gamification turn event crowds into competitors, incorporating elements like challenges and rewards to foster camaraderie and make event experiences more exciting. Event planners leveraging immersive, engaging tools like these win the hearts and minds of their attendees by not only enhancing their overall experience, but by illustrating the value of their collaboration.

Learning and Development Corporate Event Trends

Today’s event goers seek more than just a two-day respite from the office. They want to have a valuable experience – one that educates them, allows new skills to blossom, or provide them with tools they can put to immediate use in their professional or personal lives.

As more businesses recognize the need for continued learning to stay relevant and competitive, and more individuals embrace a life-long student mentality, event organizers are incorporating development and learning opportunities at every corner.

Hands-on experiences like workshops and training sessions, or expert-led seminars and thoughtful networking spaces empower attendees to expand their knowledge and skillset, while also enabling connections with peers, mentors, or potential collaborators. At events this year, you’ll see a larger focus placed on items like these, in addition to breakout sessions and wellness spaces.

Workshops and training sessions continue to be a corporate event trend and encourage learning and development.

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This year’s events are pushing the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and personal growth. Whether by incorporating event technology trends or by turning your conference hall into a classroom, these 2024 event trends are sure to captivate event audiences at and beyond the engagement. To inquire more about ImageThink’s event support options, get in touch with us today.

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