Level Up Your Creative Thinking

Tools to help your team ideate, iterate, and illustrate.

ImageThink workshops empower teams to discover, develop, and disseminate ideas with more clarity and impact. We’ve developed hands-on practical exercises that will infuse creativity into the way you think at work.

ImageThink brainstorming with different ideas coming from different parties.

Lead More Creative Brainstorms

ImageThink CEO Nora Herting’s brainstorm workshops have helped countless clients succeed where so many often fail: thinking outside the box. From reframing the question to designing an agenda that leaves time for divergent and convergent thinking, and of course incorporating whole-brain, visual thinking, learn from the best how to build better brainstorms.

Leadership training courses will inspire visual thinking, engage attendees, and empower with real-life tips

Leadership Training Courses

Using the visual facilitation training techniques that taught the best in the industry you’ll learn to frame your message visually, clarify complex ideas, and collaborate to solve problems — all with the stroke of a pen.

Increase your effectiveness, communication and leadership skills with new tools and clear direction. Our Visual Leadership virtual workshops will inspire visual thinking, engage attendees, and empower with real-life tips.

ImageThink whiteboarding and creative brainstorming workshops inspire creativity

Whiteboarding 101

Borrowing from some of the graphic facilitation technique and easy-to-remember templates that ImageThink graphic recorders use to unlock creative genius, our whiteboarding techniques inspire teams to turn ideas into reality.

Workshops can be tailored for designers, product managers, senior leaders and facilitators. We also teach methods that can be applied to in-person, hybrid, and virtual whiteboarding sessions. No prior drawing experience necessary.

Draw your big idea book

Download a Free Chapter of Draw Your Big Idea

Want to take your first steps into thinking visually? Download a free chapter of Nora’s best-selling book, Draw Your Big Idea.

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See us in action

ImageThink leads strategic designers through new ways of achieving empathy, clarity and creative brainstorming and thinking. Watch ImageThink Founder and author, Nora Herting and graphic recorder, Lilly Lam inspire designers with graphic recording and visual problem-solving.


Creative thinking workshops helps developing new visual thinking skills and perspective
  • Inspire creative brainstorming sessions and visual thinking
  • Learn new skills, and gain a new perspective
  • Share thought leadership with key stakeholders
  • Learn using the very same creative thinking workshops as our graphic recorders
  • Lead your team in one of our bespoke, facilitated creative thinking workshops, designed just for your organization

Ready to Unlock Your Full Potential?

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  • The New Yorker

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are required for a creative thinking workshop?

ImageThink’s customized creative thinking workshops help your team to define and express ideas more powerfully and easily. For these engagements, we provide the necessary materials. If you want to get started right away, we recommend ImageThink Founder and CEO Nora Herting’s book, Draw Your Big Idea, which includes over 100 creative exercises.

Where do our brainstorm workshops take place?

Anywhere and everywhere! Similar to our graphic recording services, ImageThink workshops are highly customized events tailored to your team, your needs, and your space. We have hosted on site with clients, in event spaces, on conference floors, even outside on a sunny day. And now, you can learn online from The Impact Academy!

How much does it cost?

At ImageThink, our rate card varies depending on each speaking or training engagement, as every one is unique. Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.


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