4 Creative Ways To Picture Your Event Planning Map

Do you have a high stakes event and are looking to wow your attendees like never before? We know that being an advocate for outside-the-box approaches can sometimes be met with resistance, even when they are sure bring about entirely new solutions and heightened engagement.  

At ImageThink, we’ve supported more than 30% of Fortune 50 companies across 15 countries in the last 10 years through live visual storytelling. Here are 3 pro tips on how we can help elevate your event experience with graphic recording. 

Plan Ahead of Time to Get the Best Results

We all know there are a million ways to spend an event budget; the challenge lies in making the most of it. Building a buzz before time with well planned visual assets will go a long way in avoiding those pre-event jitters. And while interactive, thought-provoking visuals to support your group may seem like an obvious need to you, we’ve identified a few sketch-notes you should include to your event planner list:

Interactive welcome banners

Pre-drawn agenda setting

Custom tailored promo images for digital platforms

Space branding and infographic mural installations

Customized templates for brainstorms and break-

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