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Make Conferences Interactive with ImageThink Social Listening Murals

Make Conferences Interactive with ImageThink Social Listening Murals

September 14, 2016

  Looking for creative ideas to engage your conference attendees? After years of graphic recording keynote presenters and the like, we wanted to find a way to capture the voices of those in the audience, where a wealth of insights also lie.  What we came up with were ImageThink Social Listening Murals, an innovative interactive conference idea format that engages attendees and facilitates conversations between you and your audience. Picture a large canvas positioned in a high traffic area of your conference. The idea of social listening is simple: you come up with a question, attendees give their answers to ImageThink, and […]

ImageThink Master Course at PPTOW WORLDZ

ImageThink Master Course at PPTOW WORLDZ

August 1, 2016

  ImageThink is happy to announce we will be presenting Master Course DRAW YOUR IDEAS INTO ACTION at PPTOW! WORLDZ on Aug 2-3 in LA! Bridge the gap from ideation to execution by simply picking up a pen. Quincy Jones, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Dr. Peter Diamandis, Brit Morin, Tony Hawk, Jane Rosenthal, IN-Q and George Whitesides are among the headlining speakers at this future-focused summit to create the world of tomorrow. “A Harvard for Culture”. See you in LA! Check out our original appearance at PPTOW!

Folks We Admire - Scott Kelly

Folks We Admire – Scott Kelly

April 20, 2016

Astronauts! Radiation! and Twins! discussed by (a twin herself): Ona Rygelis! Once I joined ImageThink, I discovered the tremendous amount of work the company has done in the space and technology field. These topics are of interest to me and I also have a twin sister- so I’m naturally drawn to astronaut Scott Kelly‘s story… On March 2, 2016, American astronaut Scott Kelly returned safely to Earth after a 340 day mission aboard the International Space Station. Kelly, and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko, set the record for the longest amount of time spent in space during a single mission, by any astronaut, ever. The […]

5 Tech Trends To Watch In 2016

5 Tech Trends To Watch In 2016

February 1, 2016

Written By: Aaron Mayper, graphic recorder at ImageThink (@imagethink) With the new year just starting up, now is the time to think about what trends will prove most influential in 2016.  ImageThink has been privileged with a view into the tech world; here are five trends we noticed as big topics at tech conferences. 1) Live Stream Democratizes Content Even More Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, has already made an enormous impact on the way brands (not to mention presidential candidates and political revolutions) engage with their audiences. Live stream apps like Meerkat and Periscope promise a new level […]

Folks We Admire: Tracy Chou

Folks We Admire: Tracy Chou

December 16, 2015

Tracy Chou, head software engineer at Pinterest, has an impressive resume.  She began her work in the tech field by interning at Facebook and Google, before taking a leading role at Quora, the site that promises its users “the best answer to any question.” Her list of achievements, however, includes one more major bullet point: making public the massive imbalance of men to women in Silicon Valley.  The tech world is overwhelmingly male, with many companies having only around 10-20% of their workforce represented by women. After the October 2013 Grace Hopper Celebration (named after the great female American computer scientist), where she found others sharing […]

ImageThink in Inc Magazine’s Women in Business issue

November 9, 2015

The recent issue of INC magazine is dedicated to women in business. Norm Brodsky talks about ImageThink’s Nora Herting and Heather Willems and how they integrate their creative practice as entrepreneurs.   Additional INC article: 4 Steps to Make Your Next Brainstorming Session More Productive (and Fun)

ImageThink’s Guide to Packing a Proper SF Bag

September 24, 2015

ImageThink has been a team of experienced travelers flying out of New York City, before we opened our west coast office in San Francisco. After a few months of settling in, we created this infographic to help others plan their days, including everything you’ll need to take in your bag around San Francisco. The ImageThink Guide to Packing a Proper SF Bag 1. A light jacket is always useful, year round. “There’s one type of weather in San Francisco: San Francisco weather”, says a local San Francisco taxi driver. Sunny and warm during the day, chilly and foggy at night. You can see the beautiful […]

David Chang Talks Tech in Food

August 25, 2015

At SXSW Interactive, restauranteur and author David Chang spoke with Matt Buchanan about his experience combining tech and dining. Today, almost all companies are tech companies, even if that is not their predominant industry. Tech has changed everything, but David Chang believes its value for dining should be ease for experimentation. He also talked about collecting customer data to enhance the customer’s dining experience. He discussed his new app Maple, which is a “lunchbox on demand” of the best food delivered to your door. Logistics, meal options and price were fine-tuned in a trial and error tech process. David, the self proclaimed “Normavore”, loves normal […]

ImageThink Graphic Records the IBM Roadshow, Chicago

June 30, 2015

This month, the ImageThink team was invited to graphic record all of the IBM Roadshow sessions in Chicago. This conference, focusing on “New Way To Work” attracted attendees who were actively participating in the conversation. Having us at the front of the room increased engagement at the event, creating a real-time imprint of the ideas discussed.     Over the years we have familiarized ourselves with topics such as data analytics, new workforce and reinventing brand stories–but as a team constantly evolving and learning, we are always trying out new ways to depict familiar concepts. Our setting was also remarkable as attendees, speakers, and ImageThink […]

Social Listening Walls Taking Over Conferences Everywhere

April 16, 2015

ImageThink‘s Social Listening Walls have been popping up at conferences around the country–and we are about to take you on a tour to see all of them. What is a social listening wall, you ask? The concept is simple… a thought provoking question is posed to to attendees, and we graphic record their answers in real-time. These eye-catching murals not only drive traffic to booths on the show floors and engage attendees in person, they also drive traffic in the virtual world: as we capture the insights visually, we tweet out these images with the brand’s social media handle and […]