ImageThink at Dell’s Social Think Tank

This past month, ImageThinker, Yao Xiao, joined Dell for a fascinating conversation with their Evolving Workforce Social Think Tank!

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Dell brought together a small and influential group of GenY workforce thought leaders for a day of listening, collaboration and dialogue. The Social Think Tank, enabled by Dell, focused on the present expectations GenY and Millennial workers have of their employers and how this impacts productivity in the workplace.

A big take-away we learned? Good communicating skills, being open, and authentic are important values to today’s GenY and Millennial employees. These two generations also appreciate having ground rules set for them in place. In the workplace, GenY and Millennials are very goal-oriented and want lots of feedback from and an open dialogue with leadership. They also no longer feel there is need to separate their ‘work-self’ and ‘personal-self’ — and this extends to how they view and interact with technology as well.

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To listen and watch in to this compelling conversation and see our fabulous Graphic Recorder, Yao, in action, please click here to watch the event!


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