ImageThink at Maker Faire New York 2013

Team ImageThink was thrilled to return again this year to the World Maker Faire – New York – 2013 stage to live scribe the plethora of ideas, event drawings and innovative insights using graphic recording by some of the brightest minds in the fields of technology and DIY-making!

Featuring speakers such as Bre Pettis of 3-D Printer – MakerBot, Massimo Banzi of Arduino, Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi, Mark Hatch of TechShop, Dr. Dawn Wendell of MIT, writer and author AJ Jacobs, and NY Times/Wired writer Clive Thompson – (just to name a few robotic companies!), Maker Faire was an action-packed two day extravaganza in technology-focused thought leadership discussions.

This year, Maker Faire also has videos of all of their talks online. Check them out to also see ImageThink scribes – Heather Willems, Nora Herting, Virginia Montgomery and Yao Xiao – on stage left rapidly visualizing the insights here!






To view the complete gallery of our Graphic Recordings from Maker Faire – New York 2013, please click here! The boards are rich with learnings and exciting input for any engaged maker to draw upon.

For examples of our previous Graphic Recording work at 2013’s Maker Faire – Bay Area event please click here and view some of the great ideas expressed by robotic companies at the past faire!

And finally, please visit Our Services page to discover more about ImageThink’s capabilities in Graphic Recording and how we can visualize your big ideas!

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