ImageThink and Center 4

This month, ImageThink was honored to join Center 4 NYC, a non-profit company devoted to bringing new technologies into the non-profit world. Center 4  is focused on accelerating technology innovations to help truly transform non-profits.

Their fantastic workshops brought together both cutting-edge entrepreneurs, non-profits, leaders in technology and generous supporters in philanthropy to ignite discussion on how non-profits could better provide their services to NYC via the latest in nonprofit technology.

Sponsored by FEGS, one of the largest and most diversified nonprofit health and human services organizations in the country, their efforts help more than 100,000 New Yorkers annually to succeed in school, obtain employment, navigate crisis, improve their health and mental health, manage disabilities and live as independently as possible in the community.

To view some of the fantastic graphic recordings ImageThink principle, Heather Willems, created the work below:

04_CenterFour_ReWiring_WorkforceDevelopment_TappingIntoVision 03_CenterFour_ReWiring_WorkforceDevelopment_Challenges 01_CenterFour_ReWiringWorkForceDevelopment_IdentifySolutions 02_CenterFour_ReWiringWorkforceDevelopment_IdentifyOpportunities

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