Picturing Your Big Ideas: Nora Herting’s talk at SXSW Interactive


Nora Herting, will expand on ImageThink’s use of visual problem solving to help you creatively ideate, motivate others, and socialize your ideas with storytelling. Can’t draw a stick man? Not to worry. Attend a talk at the ACC on March 13th by ImageThink’s co-founder and principal and learn how to picture your big ideas.

As humans, we’re hardwired to think in pictures. –more of our neurons are dedicated to vision than our other four senses combined! A fact that explains the popularity of infographics, grumpy cat, and Tinder. All we have to do is look around to see the power of images. The power of visual thinking extends beyond communication, it can help get you to that great idea faster. Thinking about your problem visually is the first step to solving it.

Even if your hand doesn’t have the skills, you have an evolutionary advantage. The human brain is neurologically wired to see meaning in visual cues.


Nora Herting is an artist and one of two principal partners of ImageThink , the Official Graphic Recorders of SXSW Interactive 2015. During the festival, ImageThink will be visually summarizing the Keynote and Feature Speakers into engaging and informative storyboards, all in real-time. Aside from guiding the ImageThink team and vision, Nora works with clients to translate their biggest challenges and ideas into clear, powerful images that unlock innovation and creativity. She once graphic recorded for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia! When she’s not wielding markers, Nora likes to be behind a camera. Her photographs have been shown in national and international exhibitions. She has taught courses in art and visual problem solving workshops at The Ohio State University, Denison University, RISD and Columbia University.


After the talk, you are welcome to stop by and learn more at the ImageThink booth, which will be positioned right outside of Ballroom B. Our team will be there to hand out additional materials and talk in person about how graphic recording can help you and your organizations.

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