CES ’14: Top 5 Trends

Last week, ImageThink was thrilled to work on site at CES 2014 in sunny Las Vegas, NV. The annual Consumer Electronics Show is an internationally renowned technology trade-show with over 155,000 attendees – it is the place to view and learn about innovation new products in technology.

What were the biggest trends of CES2014?

Check out ImageThink’s custom summary illustration for our Top 5 below:


1. Wearable Technology
Great new products like Fitbit Flex log and translate your fitness, calories, and sleep data to provide you with a 360 view of your personal health.

2. Smart Homes
Ever worry you ran out the door without locking the house? Now you can do so remotely via your smart phone with Lockitron.

3. Screens
Sharper, larger, and  higher resolution screens are rolling out like the Samsung 110 inch UCH TV. And, YouTube will soon upgrade to 4k as well.

4. Games
Mobile apps are hot again this year, as well as new advances in motion controlled interfaces. Oculus Rift was a huge hit and seems to be leading the way in virtual reality gaming.

5. Cars
Connected cars with impressive tech capabilities will collect your past driving experiences, analyze current conditions, and provide you with up to date information so you may have a safer ride. Safer for you and others on the road!

The potential for big data knew no bounds at CES2014. We were blown away innovative ideas present and anticipating big things from the technology front in 2014.

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