Stop by ImageThink’s table today at Viseo Talent Summit

ImageThink at Viseo Talent Summit 2017, digital graphic recording by James Lake

How will you get the most out of Viseo’s 2017 Talent Summit?

Whether you’re a senior-level director or founder in need of talent management solutions or a talent professional looking for the latest best practices in human capital management, at ImageThink, our goal is to help you get the most out of your Viseo summit experience. Here are a few ways to optimize your time today:

ImageThink enduring assets pens and notebooks graphic recording

1) Stop by the ImageThink table today for a free notepad and pen

Graphic recording isn’t just for the pros! Follow along with your own sketchnotes. Studies show that taking notes by hand helps your retain up to 29% more of the big ideas at today’s summit.

2) Stay engaged with the speakers by following along with the graphic recordings

Our digital graphic recording will bring the sessions to life in words and pictures, all in real time. Drawing engages the whole brain and enhances creative processes.

3) Ask us how to utilize the summit images.

Just because the event finishes doesn’t mean the information should dissipate. Our digital graphic recordings can serve as personal reference, as a communication tool for your teammates, and much more. Whatever you have in mind, we would love to talk about using visuals to enhance your conversations about the summit when you return to your office.

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