Roaring To Go: ImageThink At Cannes Lions 2019

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ImageThink – In the Creative Spotlight at Cannes  

After facilitating timely discussions on trending topics in the Unconference Zone at Cannes Lions Health in 2017, we at ImageThink look forward to having our own founder and pioneer in visual strategy and storytelling; Nora Herting, take the stage and lead a unique hands-on session on; you guessed it right – Creative brainstorms.

Here are the thoughts of @ImageThink CEO Nora Herting on Creativity

In an engaging workshop in the Palais; Nora will help you find the antidote for common brainstorming slumps and stretch your own creative muscle in this high energy session with visual storytelling.

What you’ll be drawing with Rosé-tinted Glasses in Nora’s Masterclass:

As Steve Jobs famously said, “creativity is just connecting things.” But anyone facing a creative block knows it’s a lot harder than grabbing ideas out of thin air.

Break away from creative blocks by drawing, collaborating and thinking differently as Nora shares tips and tricks that have led to creative breakthroughs with some of the biggest brands. You’ll leave empowered with practical tools to transform brainstorms, journey maps and energize meetings.

 Claim your spot to find the answers you’ve always been looking for in Nora’s creative myth buster masterclass!

When? 20th June, 2019

Where? Workshop Room: Palais-l

Duration: 16:00-17:30

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