Social Listening Murals: An Innovative Conference Solution

ImageThink clients often approach us in search of an innovative way to captivate their conference crowd. Our solution to the challenge of attendee engagement is simple: involve attendees. As an expansion of our industry-leading graphic recording service, ImageThink created social listening murals to encourage attendee participation and engagement. The concept involves asking attendees a thought-provoking question and illustrating their responses in real-time.

ImageThink asks a question, and illustrates attendee responses in real-time.

Over the years, ImageThink’s social listening murals have popped up at innovative conferences around the country. We’re taking you on a tour of some of our favorites to demonstrate the impact of ImageThink’s work in action.

ImageThink’s Social Listening Mural for NAVIS

NAVIS’s Leaders Conference had a powerful theme: connect, empower, grow. To embody the theme, ImageThink helped attendees connect, express themselves, and expand their horizons by installing a massive tri-fold social listening mural, giving each element of the theme its own fold. We asked the following questions to NAVIS’s crowd of client company leaders:

  1. How does NAVIS help you connect with your guests?
  2. What empowers you and your team at work?
  3. How do you want your business or career to grow in the coming year?

As attendees responded to the questions, ImageThink’s graphic recorder put marker to board to breathe life into crowd contributions. Not only was having an ImageThink social listening mural a great way to involve and engage eventgoers, it also was a distinct way for planners to demonstrate their conference theme. The visual installation ultimately allowed guests to immerse themselves into the bigger ideas of the conference.

The finalized social listening mural ImageThink created for NAVIS's Leadership Conference.

ImageThink’s Social Listening Murals for LinkedIn

To get employees in the creative headspace for LinkedIn’s creativity inspired InDay, LinkedIn invited ImageThink to install social listening murals in each of their LinkedIn offices. We asked their employees, “What are you IN it for?” – a question that aligned with the launch of LinkedIn’s “In It Together” brand campaign meant to encourage employees to explore motivators and personal definitions of success.

A social listening mural created for client LinkedIn, containing illustrated responses to the question, "What Are You in it For?"

Across each social listening mural ImageThink created for LinkedIn, personal stories and experiences were visually translated in vivid colors. Having social listening activations throughout LinkedIn offices allowed employees to reflect on identify their unique individual purposes, connect with one another, and see how they align with their peers across the organization. Today, LinkedIn displays their Imageboards throughout their offices, as physical, symbolic reminders of their connectedness and why each of them shows up.

ImageThink icon for compelling audiences - an individual holding a magnet while others gravitate around and toward them.

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ImageThink’s Social Listening Mural for CurePSP

CurePSP is an organization that provides resources and support for patients with neurodegenerative disorders. As part of our work together, ImageThink provided graphic recording and a social listening mural at CurePSP’s virtual event. The social listening mural asked, “What moment do you embodies Care and Hope in your personal story?”. This powerful question served as a point of connection, giving voice to attendees.

In real-time, ImageThink’s graphic recorder illustrated patient experiences, hopes, and needs. As a result, patients felt heard and seen and could resonate with others faced with similar circumstances. It also gave healthcare providers the opportunity to deeply understand and empathize with the patients they serve.

A social listening mural created for CurePSP.

Social listening murals encourage participation and engagement from any event or conference crowd. These activations inspire contributions and involvement from those who feel unheard, or those who normally don’t participate otherwise.

From response to visualization and beyond

In addition to these examples and the benefits our clients derived from them, these eye-catching murals not only drive traffic to booths on the show floors and engage attendees in person, they drive traffic in the virtual world.

Participants regularly post these images with the brand’s social media handle and hashtag of the event. The social media push adds another level of engagement, reaches beyond conference, and helps to build a following for the brands.

An illustration of a visual strategist live scribing attendee responses.

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