SOPA Bill Visually Explained

Here at the ImageThink offices in New York, we are following the free speech protests against SOPA. But we had to ask, what exactly is the SOPA bill? As visual thinkers, our favorite explanation was this animated video produced by the Guardian.

The visuals we produce at ImageThink are based on, and inservice of the content of our clients, we do generate creative property that the SOPA bill is theoretically protecting. About once a month, we will get requests from journalists, researchers, or student’s who are excited to find one of our visual summaries is the perfect support for their article or research.

We are happy to grant them permission to publish and distribute our work, provided of course that the content is public. As business owners, and artists, we feel empowered to share what we do with as wide of an audience as possible. The more people who see our graphic recordings, the more visibility we and our entire field gain. That exposure eventually translates to more business opportunities.

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