Free Tele-Class: Increase Your Productivity with the Secret Power of Visual Note Taking

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Can you really draw your way to success?

Heather Willems, co-founder of ImageThink and co-author of Draw Your Big Idea will prove you can.  Join her tomorrow, July 26th 1:00-1:30pm EST, in a free tele-class where she explains the secret power of visuals for achieving your goals in the workplace.

Hosted by the Massachusetts Conference for Women, This 30-minute class will offer techniques to harness creativity and master success with nothing more than your basic drawing skills.  Learn how to:

  • clarify complex ideas
  • spark creativity
  • solve problems
  • and propel your productivity to the next level

Participants will receive a free downloadable pdf with exercises to increase memory and productivity with visual note taking.

The DEADLINE to register is TOMORROW, 1:00 pm ET. We have 1000+ registered so far– sign up now!

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