ImageThink & Design Gym: Design Taco, 5/13 – 5/16


Hey taco fans! ImageThink is thrilled to announce that we are partnering up with fellow Brooklyn-natives, The Design Gym for an exciting upcoming event:

The Design Gym is an NYC creative community that offers project based learning on topics of design thinking and collaboration.

They are hosting a 1-week pop-up called Design Taco from May 12th – 18th which will feature a variety of panels, one of which I will be participating on, in addition to speakers from EtsyKickstarterNYC Dept. of EducationHolsteeBonobosOXOWest ElmUproot Wine, Chipotle, Brooklyn Brewery, and many more. 


Each ticket includes an intimate breakout with panelists, 2 tacos from Los Perros Locos, and a Brooklyn Brewery beer or glass of Uproot wine! Visit for more details and since we are on one of the panels you can use the codeTacoPartner for a 15% discount on any event.


And, look out for ImageThink co-founder and Graphic Recorder, Nora Herting who will be there on site creating live, large-scale, graphic maps of DesignTaco’s breakout discussions and moderated panels. See you there, taco fans!

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