Created by YOU (and ImageThink) w/ Meebo at Internet Week NYC

“Thank you so much for all your help last week at Internet Week NY. This really made Meebo’s “Created by You” initiative shine. It was truly a fun experience and you did such a fantastic job.” -Christian Bohland

Creative Director | Meebo

Meebo connects people with what matters to them most and ImageThink brought this to life, live atInternet Week NYC. Interest categories and websites were chosen by folks at the conference and illustrated on a giant whitebeard. In just 4 days, the final image was completed AND transformed into an interactive internet scavenger hunt know as Meebo’s Quest.

Check out the beautiful work that the Meebo team created! You can check-in (like Foursquare) and search awesome sites on quirky topics ranging from Facial Hair to Bonsai Tree on image to interact with the website

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