Harness the Power of Digital to Help Save the Earth

As Earth Day reminds us that every effort to save our planet counts, we took a look at our services to see if there were ways we could cut back on materials or decrease our carbon footprint. Lo and behold, the answer is at our fingertips!

Did you know that Digital Graphic Recording is a sustainable service that’s good for our planet Earth? What’s more, it’s as good for your budget as it is for Mother Earth.

We know… Mind blown. So let us break this down for you.

You’re at work. You have an important presentation coming up. But you just can’t shake the memory of all those eyes glazing over at the last meeting you attended. You will not repeat those boring mistakes.

What if there was a way to illustrate your key points and maintain the attention of your colleagues while preserving your balanced budget and Mother Earth? You look around the conference room. You have high-speed internet, a projector, a polycom, microphone, and laptop at your disposal. Now you’re ready to MacGyver yourself a memorable presentation. You just need that key ingredient: ImageThink’s Digital Graphic Recording.

What is Digital Graphic Recording?

Offering the same benefits to analog graphic recording, digital or virtual graphic recording happens through the magic of the internet.

ImageThink engineered a digital graphic recording system that delivers high-quality visuals that illustrate your big ideas via the internet.   The virtual technology provides flexibility to suit your meeting, in your location, to fit your time schedule. It can be used in webinars, on conference calls, or for one-on-one planning meetings.

In small presentation spaces, digital graphic recording can give speakers some much needed elbow room.

ImageThink’s Graphic Recorders listen deeply to what’s being communicated at your meeting or event—and will visually transcribe key points in an ImageBoard that engages people long after the initial experience ends. Graphic recording may be used for standalone visuals, or as icons and notes to highlight presenters’ text on PowerPoint.

Whether it’s a mission statement, a call to action, or a map of your organization’s strategy or values, our visual summaries take on a life of their own after your session wraps. They have the power to act as evergreen assets in the office, online, and even in future pitches and presentations.

Digital graphic recording is an low impact way to engage audiences during keynotes.

How is Digital Graphic Recording Good for the Environment?

Like you, all of us here at ImageThink love to travel. Whether you’re hosting a company-wide marketing meeting in Manhattan or delivering a presentation at an annual retreat in Florida, we’d love to work by your side. That said, as ‘ImageThinkers’ all we need to visualize your big ideas is ears in the room. And we can just as easily listen to what’s being said over the internet or a conference call as we can by standing in the room next to you.

Digital graphics adapt to the scale of your meeting – view on computer screens, monitors, or large-screen projections. Additionally, you can follow-up with collaborators using real-time visuals. Use the graphics for social media posts or email marketing. Keep colleagues up-to date with a one-page infographic or session summary that highlights the key meeting notes.

You may choose to print a copy or a few for prosperity – to frame in the office hallway or hang as a reminder of work goals by your desk. But be mindful of how much is printed and on what materials it’s printed on. Utilizing digital graphic recording greatly reduces the amount of paper products needed to draw your big ideas.  

Interested in how digital graphic recording can bring your meeting to the next level? Contact our project manager at info@imagethink.net  for custom quotes.

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