Graphic Recording and Facilitation Services

How can we help tell your visual story?

Illustrations of papers and a checklist in front of a road map.

Ignite Productive Meetings

Facilitate, illustrate, and optimize your strategy session, retreat, or pitch

Illustration of ascending a stairway of comment bubbles

Captivate Event Attendees

Capture keynotes, create social listening murals, and lead sponsorship activations

Illustration of a person in a hot air balloon that is also a thought bubble.

Visualize and Share Insights

Hand-drawn infographics, journey maps, animations, timelapses, and merchandise

Illustration of a person climbing a ladder to reach the top of an "idea" lightbulb.

Level Up Your Thinking

Hire CEO Nora Herting to speak at your event, lead a visual workshop, or attend a webinar

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