Graphic Recording and Facilitation Services

How can we help tell your visual story?

ImageThink elevate virtual meetings for hybrid and asynchronous workforces with digital graphic recording and agenda design

Elevate Virtual Meetings

How do you keep participants attentive and engaged during virtual meetings? ImageThink keeps virtual attendees connected, collaborative, and creative with virtual graphic facilitation, and facilitation.

ImageThink graphic meeting facilitation leads to better, more creative, productive meetings

Ignite Productive Meetings

Facilitate, illustrate, and optimize your biggest ideas. ImageThink supports strategy sessions, retreats, or pitch meetings using graphic recording, visual theory, the ImageThink Method™.

Graphic recording captures large audiences both in the real world and virtually

Captivate Attendees

Inspire audiences with real-time visual supports for keynotes, drive engagement with social listening murals, and create audience-brand relationships with interactive sponsorship opportunities.

ImageThink helps teams visualize and share their insights with hand illustrated murals

Visualize and Share Insights

Rely on ImageThink’s studio team of graphic recorders to design hand-drawn infographics, create customer or patient journey maps, develop time-lapse animations, or visualize your strategy.

ImageThink whiteboarding and creative brainstorming workshops inspire creativity

Engaging Team Workshops

Host a dynamic visual workshop to empower your team and encourage more innovative, outside-the-box thinknig. We offer tracks in creative virtual brainstorming, visual leadership, and whiteboarding.

ImageThink Founder and CEO Nora Herting teaches the tools to practice visual leadership

Inspiring Keynotes

Nora Herting inspires and engages global audiences with her compelling evangelism of visual leadership, backed by neuroscientific evidence, visual theory, and amazing illustrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is graphic recording and who should use it?

Graphic recording is the real-time translation of conversations or presentations into text and pictures. Graphic recorders do three things simultaneously: they listen for key ideas, synthesize them, and document them in visual form. It gives meeting and conference attendees an opportunity to absorb content on a visual level. (Read more about the benefits of graphic recording here.)

ImageThink graphic recorders work with clients in many industries, including automotive, technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, advertising, event planning, and many more. If it is helpful and important to have your message captured in a clear and easily communicated way, graphic recording is for you.

Which ImageThink graphic recording services should you use?

Part of what we love about what we do at ImageThink is serving hundreds of clients across dozens of industries all around the world. Depending on your event and needs, we have many ways to customize our services, from traditional graphic recording, to remote digital recording, tailored studio illustrations and animations, to hand-crafted workshops that inspire creativity. The best way to find what you need is to give us a call and speak to us directly.

What happens after the conference, meeting, or event?

Following your engagement, ImageThink will provide you with your physical ImageBoards on site, as well as digitized versions of your illustrated notes. Your notes can be displayed and shared internally or externally, and serve to help our clients think through next steps for the project. Read a few of the specific ways we recommend leveraging visual assets.

How much does graphic recording cost?

At ImageThink, we price our graphic recording services according to the nature of your engagement – whether it’s an internal meeting or public conference, for example – and how much support you need. Staffing, time, and materials are all factors in our rate card. Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

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