Cheers to ImageDrink’s First Night at Berg’n!


What does a Thursday night in Brooklyn look like for you?

Looking for something to do with friends beyond the usual chat over a pint? Need an awesome date idea?

Our team at ImageThink has you covered.

We are passionate about using visuals to help our clients solve their business problems and draw out their big ideas. We decided to direct that same enthusiasm to creating a fun drink and draw community event that includes drawing, socializing, and maybe a few drinks.

With that in mind, we (in partnership with Berg’n) launched ImageDrink, our new monthly drink and draw.

We kicked off our pilot event late September to an incredibly warm reception.


There were over 40 attendees that filled several of the cafeteria-style tables, greeted by activity dense, custom placemats. They worked together to create humorous portraits, collaboratively drawn monsters, madlib-inspired scenes, and action-packed comics.

Illustrators, artists, and people who haven't picked up a pen in ages came to the first ImageThink drink and draw at Bergn in Brooklyn, New York. Here, folks show their collaborative exquisite corpse drawings.

ImageThink’s staff enthusiastically hosted drawing games that resulted in entertaining, witty images from the participants.

The skill levels in the room varied, but self-proclaimed novices created memorable pictures and brought smiles to their neighbors and curious passersby in the Berg’n beer hall.

The new york based graphic recording firm, ImageThink, led interactive drawing games at their first drink and draw.

People laughing at the first imagethink drink and draw.

We extend a big thank you to the guests that made our Brooklyn drawing event a success, and to Berg’n for working together with us to facilitate a fun night of social sketching.

Interested in participating in the next event? Our next drink and draw will be October 27th, from 7-9pm at Berg’n. Follow this link to RSVP,  and stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter or checking out our Facebook page for updates.

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