Castles, drawings and Mobile Technology in Beesenstedt Germany

Heather had so much fun graphic facilitating the MLove Confestival, that this year we return toBeesenstedt Germany as conference partners.

Besides being the “TED for Mobile”, MLove festival unfolds in the most incredible venue, a 19th century castle in the rolling hills and forest in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. According to MLove, “during the course of its history, the castle‚Äôs 100 rooms have been used a lodge house for Freemasons, the headquarters of the Free Trade Union Confederation and as the offices of the governor of Saxony.”

Along with graphic recording every session, this year we will also host a workshop on graphic facilitation for the teen camp.

We arrived a day early to get situated, recover from jet-lag and prepare our one-hour workshop for the teen camp.

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