Bringing our Markers to the Makers Faire in San Francisco


We’re passionate people – and we’re passionately obsessed with what we do.

As a leader in the art of graphic recording and visual note taking, we’re proud “makers,” and we’re happy to be joining the maker movement not only to share our passion, but to help other “makers” share theirs. That’s why we’re incredibly excited that Heather Willems and Lloyd Dangle will represent ImageThink at Maker Faire 2012 in the Bay Area May 18-19.

Maker Faire 2012 is a festival of creativity and innovation. Inventors, artists, creators – young and old – gather together to share their passions & creations. Not surprisingly, the best description of the event comes from the program’s website: “part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new!” And we get the pleasure of capturing all this creativity with visual notes and graphic facilitation of select talks at the Center Stage. We are also looking forward to having a chance to check out all the amazing booths and DIY activities throughout the conference.

For more information, please visit the Maker Faire 2012 program’s website.




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