Partnering For An Award Winning Tradeshow Booth

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ImageThink activated EWI’s space in HCEA with our hand drawn visuals and social listening services.

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At ImageThink, we have 9 years of experience using graphic recording to successfully partner with clients to create interactive, unexpected activations at conferences and meetings. Often, they’re looking for a compelling way to gain insights from their customers and stakeholders, who are at the core of their mission and operations.

How do we help our creative partners accomplish this?  One answer is our Social Listening ImageBoard. 

What is a Social Listening ImageBoard?

In short, it’s an illustrated provocative question that prompts your conference or summit attendees to answer with their valuable, unique perspectives. We invented the format in 2010, and our successful approach involves two key components: your brilliant query and our graphic recording staff, specially trained to interact with your audience.

Need an example of how this has worked for our clients? Read below.

Partnering With EWI For An Award Winning Tradeshow Booth

Our animated invitation to EWI’s booth, for HCEA attendees. 

EWI was looking for a way to bring their tradeshow space to life and inspire visitors to not only drop by, but to stick around and interact with the brand in a meaningful way.

ImageThink’s hand drawn visuals inspired the look of EWI’s booth and the pre-show branding, which included custom invitations, and an animation that played once attendees arrived to the event space, reinforcing the “stay factor” in the booth.

When visitors were drawn in, our team was ready to keep them engaged with a social listening ImageBoard that sparked enthusiasm, and valuable insights. The visitors were given questions that they could provide fun, personalized, and enthusiastic answers for, which we translated into images that they could pose with in photos.

The result? EWI reported that they had more solid leads and longer engagement at the booth, between 5 to 10 minutes.

Their success also extended to recognition for their booth from HCEA (Best Booth), and Exhibitor Magazine (Sizzler Award).

In EWI’s words:

“ImageThink was a wonderful addition to our team and really brought to life our branding initiative. “ – Jordan Cieslak Global Account Director, EWI World Wide Solutions

graphic recording, conferences, ImageThink, HCEA, graphic recording
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