Go Big, Get Immersive with Digital Graphic Recording

An example of digital graphic recording.

Looking to engage audiences with the impact of an IMAX feature?

Ready to engage and excite your audience at your conference with something different?

Want to have graphic recording in a high-tech, easily sharable format?

Engage them with Innovative, Immersive Presentations

Digital graphic recording gives your words and ideas presence in a large venue, projecting visual summaries to large audiences at a cinematic scale.

Presented on theater sized displays, or on 180 screens, digital graphic recording is a perfect fit when visibility and impact is essential.

Infosys was looking for an innovative conference idea to reach all of their thousands of attendees at Confluence 2016. Our solution was to go digital to guarantee maximum visibility for everyone at the conference. We captured all of the presentations which were then projected live on huge screens at the front of the room so that no attendees had to miss out on any valuable information.

Dual display monitors let attendees at Infosys see the speaker material come to life.
Dual display monitors let attendees at Infosys Confluence 2016 see digital graphic recording from the speaker material come to life.

High Impact Visuals, Low Impact Set-Up

While consumer products like iPads can offer digital drawing, the back-of-house work can disorient and nauseate your audience. ImageThink researched, invited in experts, and tested a wide variety of high tech hardware and software. Spearheaded by our Director of Creative Services, we engineered a system that delivers high-quality visuals with a seamless viewing experience for the audience. Your event attendees experience a captivating experience. The large scale of the graphic recording renders them even more powerful.

Imagethink digitally graphic records at the back of the room which is then projected onto large screens at the front of the conference hall
Our integrated graphic recording setup allows for maximum visibility for all attendees.

Reach Beyond the Venue- Share Friendly Format 

When you opt to have your graphic recording firm work digitally, you get more than just big impact and a slick aesthetic. Because the graphic recording is born digitally, you can share the exciting visual recording instantly. Clients tell us that promoting conversations and getting impressions and click on social media channels like TwitterFacebook and Instagram is important for marketing and delivering value to their conference sponsors.

Sponsors want to see engagement online. The complete visual summaries can help in a number of ways- they can be shared out on social channels shortly after the audience applause for the keynote speaker dies down, or broken up into “tweetable” sized images. This gives your event’s social media team a wealth of beautiful, compelling and informative pictures to share throughout the engagement.

The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare was looking to do just that. ImageThink live drew tweetable sized images for their Twitter feed during their annual Awards Gala and Dinner. While speakers and presenters spoke, we synthesized memorable and important quotes which was then shared on the Schwartz Center’s Twitter feed. We not only activated their online presence but also included their virtual audience who wasn’t attending the dinner.

Bring your event to life with graphic recording
The Schwartz Center’s Twitter feed was activated by ImageThink’s live illustrations of their event.

Level Up Your Content with Digital Timelapse Videos

The future of content is video. We’re even seeing traditional print publications expanding their horizons to integrate dynamic, interactive video content into their medium. Digital graphic recording makes the transition from traditional still image to engaging video that much simpler.

Instead of giving your audience an image of a finished graphic recording, why not let them see the visual unfold over time as if they were attending?

Digital graphic recording can be easily recorded in real time for a sleek end result with a quick turnaround time. Even better, you can easily share the videos on any social media or web platform.

Digital graphic recording at Infosys Confluence
Digital Graphic Recording of a talk at Infosys Confluence 2016

Flexibility and Expanded Options

Here are a few ways that digital graphic recording can support your event:

  • Impress your audience with a tech-forward, streamlined service that can meet the scale of your event
  • Switch seamlessly between presenters’ slides and ImageThink’s visual capture–on the same screen
  • Tweet our digital meeting illustrations out in real time
  • Bring employees or clients unable to attend into the mix by broadcasting the digital graphic recording to virtual attendees
  • Integrate the conference or sponsors logos and design directly into our live visual capture
  • Create timelapse video content of the visuals coming to life

Because our clients are innovators and constantly tapped in to the latest trends, it means we are blazing new trails at ImageThink to meet their needs.

Digital graphic recording delivers a sleek, high tech aesthetic bringing engagement and delight to attendees with a larger than life impact.

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