Ensure Virtual Meetings Result in Real-World Progress with Virtual Graphic Facilitation

A graphic recorder working digitally in-studio on a clients remote meeting using a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet.

At ImageThink, our goal is to help our clients discover, elevate, and present their best ideas in a way that is clear and actionable.

Most of the time, this means we’re on-site for our clients’ most important meetings, when it’s critical to capture the big ideas and insights.

But what happens when we can’t be in the room, or there is no room?

The World May Be Shrinking…

Increasingly, the world of business is flattening. With faster connections, better cameras and microphones, and improved productivity apps, remote meetings are becoming more viable and commonplace. (Read this Cisco Live! case study to learn about technology they’ve developed that’s changing the virtual meeting game.)

Plus, as travel budgets shrink, many company meetings already involve a remote component.

Example of ImageThink Remote Digital Graphic Recording to combat Global Cyberbullying

…But You Still Need to See The Big Picture

Despite the fact that technology is making it easier and more efficient to conduct remote meetings, and that many participants will be clicking away on their keyboards taking real-time notes, one thing hasn’t changed: relying on the fragments, bullets, and half-sentences of attendees isn’t enough.

The value of a dedicated virtual graphic recorder is even greater when participants may be in different time zones, listening through tinny laptop speakers, or multi-tasking on a few projects during the meeting.

Digital Graphic Recording for Remote Meetings

Fortunately, this is another area where the ImageThink studio team of illustrators has developed a solution. Working digitally, and streaming our canvas over a high-speed connection, our graphic recorders can create impactful and engaging whiteboards in your virtual meeting room.

How does Digital Graphic Recording work? Really, it’s much the same as what ImageThink does with markers and boards, capturing key ideas and scribing meeting notes using visual mnemonics and metaphor.

Rather than ink and paper, our studio team uses a touchscreen and stylus to create digital artboards. We go into greater detail about what digital graphic recording is in a previous article.

ImageThink Digital Graphic Recording to support remote meetings

Our team can render visual notes of your brainstorm, strategic planning meeting, or journey mapping session in real time.

Their live-capture of your visual notes can be streamed live to all participants, or shared during or after your meeting as a way to recap key conversations. Digital captures are also infinitely scalable, which allows us to create a time lapse video of your notes being created.

Adding Value, Not Expense

Perhaps the greatest value that virtual graphic recording presents is that it enables any team to visualize any meeting, not just the once-a-year summit. And for those times when travel is up in the air, it guarantees your best ideas and takeaways are still captured in a permanent, shareable form.

As a company that works all over the globe with some of the world’s greatest companies, we always love to be in the room when we can, but we also know that it can stretch the budget to incorporate travel, accommodations, and materials for a traditional, markers-on-boards, graphic recorder to join you.

That’s why when graphic facilitate our clients’ virtual meetings they get the same pre-session prep calls, all of the full-team support ImageThink is known for, plus the savings passed on to you.

Have a meeting coming up without a graphic recorder? See how Digital Graphic Recording helped enhance the Inc. 5000 Conference in this post or in the video below.

Set up a call today to discuss how ImageThink can be there to help you draw the most out of your session, wherever it’s happening.

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