8 Ways To Start ImageThinking

ImageThink co founder Heather Willems graphic records at SXSWi
ImageThink co-founder Heather Willems graphic records at SXSWi

At ImageThink, we’re passionate about helping you picture your big ideas.

Whether you’re setting your quarterly strategy, running a conference, or telling your brand story at a tradeshow, we’re here to help your team align and make your content shine with visual thinking. Read on to learn 8 ways to collaborate with our graphic recorders and graphic facilitators to make the most of your next event.

imagethink graphic recording
ImageThink graphic records Hugh Forrest’s big ideas for SXSWi 2015.

1) Capture Your Content; And Your Audience’s Attention

You know the feeling. It’s the most interesting session of the day, but after hours of hearing people speak you just can’t focus. Your mind wanders, you miss key points, and once the session’s over, you’re at a bit of a loss.

At ImageThink, we’re committed to helping you overcome information ennui by engaging your audience through the power of visuals and graphic facilitation.  Our graphic recorders are skilled at distilling complex ideas into clear visual records of what’s been said, and tools to inspire action in the future. The real-time meeting graphics help your audience engage with your content through multiple channels: visual, auditory, and kinetic.

What does that mean for you?  Not only is your content captured–your audience’s attention is, too.

ImageThink graphic records on stage at the Cannes Lions Festival in 2016
At the Cannes Lions Festival 2016, ImageThink graphic records to contribute to the largest Creative Thinking Lesson hosted by Guinness World Records.

2) Ditch The PowerPoint

Everyone knows the phrase “death by powerpoint.” So why are you still using one?

Instead of the same old stack of slides, use our graphic recording as an evolving speaking tool. We encourage our clients to treat the boards we create as an interactive element of the presentation, referring and reacting to the visuals that we create.

Even better? Because it’s visualized in a single image rather than multiple slides, your audience will see both the discrete details of your presentation, and the big picture, all at once.

Imagethink is displayed on the big screen digitally
Enhance speaker presentations and bring the stage to life with large-scale digital projections of ImageThink’s infographics.

3) Give Your Presentation The IMAX Treatment with Digital Graphic Recording

Looking for a sleek, forward-thinking alternative to traditional graphic recording? Digital graphic recording gives your words and ideas presence in a large venue, projecting visual summaries to large audiences at a cinematic scale.

Presented on theater-sized displays or on 180 screens, digital graphic recording is the perfect fit when visibility and impact are essential.

Want to know more about what digital graphic recording can do? Learn more about how you can Go Big and Get Immersive with Digital Graphic Recording.

imagethink captures a day's sessions with graphic recording
We displayed visual notes for attendees to review and share at IBM’s OutThink event at the New York Historical Society.

4) Who Said Galleries Were Just For Museums?

Whether you’ve spent the day in interactive breakouts or organizing keynote presentations, you want a chance to see the concrete results of you and your team’s hard-day’s work.

So while you sip on a well deserved end-of-day cocktail, why not stroll through a gallery of the day’s boards? Bringing them all together gives you and your team a chance to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, and begin setting the stage for next steps of visual thinking.

imagethink graphic recording
ImageThink partnered with Agency EA to create a custom outdoor display telling the visual story of Hilton’s Brands.

5) Let The Space Tell Your Story

When planning your next conference, remember that the space you create sets the tone for the sessions. Large scale infographic murals tell your brand story and set the stage for engaging keynotes and inspired interactive sessions.

attendees take photos of imagethink's graphic recordings
Attendees photograph the graphic recordings at SXSWi for instant social sharing.

6) Give Your Audience Something To Tweet About

Social media has quickly become one of–if not the–most important channels of communication between brands and their consumer base.  But with a deluge of content clogging everyone’s social feeds, it can be hard to stand out.

Simply branding your graphic recordings and meeting graphics with company handles and hashtags is a great way to let your event audience do some of the work for you.  As people snap photos of the completed boards and tweet them out, you’ll reach new audiences and build a buzz for your company organically.

ImageThink graphic recording at SXSW
Tandem graphic recording ensures maximum memory retention of SXSW’s content long after the conversation concludes.

7) Capture Diverse Insights

Whether it’s a panel of 10 or a room of 1,000, our graphic recorders are adept at ensuring that all the voices in the room are represented, so you leave your session with a well-rounded view of your topic.

imagethink graphic recording
ImageThink visualizes Guy Kawasaki’s talk on the ‘Art of Enchantment’ at Kofax Transform 2015.

8) Give Keynote Speakers a Lasting Impact

The flipside of keeping your audience interested is keeping your messaging clear. Graphic recording gives keynote presentations a chance to resonate and reverberate long after the session concludes.

Interested in more ways to shake up the presentation status quo and engage with your team or audience? Book a consulting call with our account manager to see how graphic facilitation fits into your project!

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