Social Listening Walls Taking Over Conferences Everywhere

April 16, 2015

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08Kofax_SocialListening2_031015_ImageThink ImageThink‘s Social Listening Walls have been popping up at conferences around the country–and we are about to take you on a tour to see all of them. What is a social listening wall, you ask? The concept is simple… a thought provoking question is posed to to attendees, and we graphic record their answers in real-time. 08InVision_SocialListening_032615_ImageThink These eye-catching murals not only drive traffic to booths on the show floors and engage attendees in person, they also drive traffic in the virtual world: as we capture the insights visually, we tweet out these images with the brand’s social media handle and hashtag of the event. The social media push adds another level of engagement, reaches beyond conferences, and helps to build a following for the brands. 01Dice_ImageThink_102314 These Social Listening Walls are also a great addition to cocktail receptions. Having a live graphic recorder helps to capture the best ideas that flow more freely in a relaxed setting. ImageThink does the work, and everyone has a good time! 01_NewProfit_Reimagine1_021715_ImageThink Interested in learning more? Visit our Services page for more information or drop us a line at to learn how we may support your next event!