Engaging and Enchanting at Google with Guy Kawasaki

January 24, 2013

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Guy Kawasaki walking over to shake hands with Heather at the end of the Hangout On Air, at Google HQ in California

Last week, Heather went out to Mountain View, California to scribe a talk by Guy Kawasaki for an intimate gathering of 350 marketing agency executives hosted by Google Engage for Agencies. ImageThink has captured Guy’s spirited talks before, but this one was different. The presentation was a “Hangout on Air,” which was a Google hangout of multiple cameras that was broadcast live to YouTube to viewers around the globe. This meant that Heather had a webcam trained on her throughout the event, so the audience could watch the graphic recording unfold. Guy Kawasaki, wildly successful author of Enchantment: the Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions and the CEO of Alltop, gave a spirited talk about how to create amazing customer experiences that result in “enchantment.” Our host was Google Engage for Agencies, a division of Google that provides digital marketing professionals  the tools and training to help their clients succeed with Google products and services. Here’s a fun Twitter play-by-play of Guy’s talk on Storify. Here’s the final board that Heather completed for Guy’s talk: google engage for agencies guy kawasaki   You can see additional graphic recordings from the entire event and great details of Heather at work in the Google Engage for Agencies album of the event.