Atlantic Innovation Summit- Keeping America Innovative

May 10, 2012

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Michael Jones on Visualization and the Globe

How to ensure that America stay’s innovative into the next century? What is the future of manufacturing in America and what bearing does it have on national security? What are the most disruptive technologies on the market? On Monday the Atlantic and Boeing hosted an Innovation Summit where some of the nations top thinkers attempted to answer these questions. As an avid reader of the Atlantic, and a seasoned attendee of innovation conferences around the world, I was very pleased that ImageThink was invited to graphic record  these conversations. Thought leaders and  top thinkers included Jim McNerney , Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company, Michael Jones, Chief Innovation Advocate for Google,  John Loehr of  Booz & Company, Arun Majumdar, Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency-­Energy, and Nobel Laureate Peter Agre. See the full set of talks on our Flickr stream below.