Visual Learning Workshop at Chronicle Books, San Francisco

One of the really exciting aspect of Graphic Recording is using visual elements as a tool to facilitate learning. We at ImageThink provide Visual learning workshops alongside of our Graphic Recording services. We were very privileged to be invited to the headquarter of Chronicle Books, in sunny San Francisco for an all-day workshop!

It was no doubt an action packed day for attendees from the senior team at Chronicle Books and our instructors, Nora and Yao. We started with simple exercises such as drawing with the whole body and learning the visual alphabet, to more advanced practices such as building a working visual framework for a simulated brainstorming session.

We were very proud of the results that came out of the workshop, and everyone’s hard work.


We started the day by asking everyone to introduce themselves in drawings, and a survey of ‘How do you feel about drawing?’


Throughout the day, we provided tutorials and hands-on workshop segments included ‘Drawing with the Whole Body,’ ‘Visual Alphabet,’ ‘Creating Headlines’ and many more.


Our lovely attendees working individually and in teams!


Some of the stunning work that came out of the workshop.


It was a productive day of workshop and fantastic dynamic within the group at Chronicle. We are very happy with the outcome and its lasting impact within the highly creative Chronicle community. Thanks for having us!

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