Picturing Your Big Ideas in Detroit

Recently, ImageThink offered a creative workshop in Detroit, MI to fellows at Detroit partners. Like the workshop we gave at Chronicle Books in San Francisco, We were invited to help the attendees develop visual tools that they could use in solving local problems. It was a great opportunity for us to provide hands-on tips for real-life situations in city management, and directly contribute in the development of the city of Detroit.


We broke down the day in two major areas: basic visual knowledge, and utilizing visual tools to problem-solve.


In the morning, we covered the basics of drawing; drawing with your body to create straight lines and perfect circles; writing with legible, clear letters; using simple shapes to build complex objects. 
We were able to help in particular, a few attendees to boost their confidence, and drawing bigger.


Among other things, there were debates on everyone’s favorite movies settled by using visual models; we provided relevant scenarios for the fellows to test out their newly learned skills of visual models.


In the end, we also took a tour to the Detroit Institute of Art. DIA is the home of Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Murals. We took our time to study this magnificent mural, which is a key piece in the history of American art.


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