Digital Graphic Recording & Facilitation

What is digital or virtual graphic facilitation?

In our studio, here in New York, we create responsive drawings of your conversation via the internet! The virtual technology provides flexibility to suit your meeting, in your location, to fit your time-schedule. Use in webinars, on conference calls, or for one-on-one planning meetings.

Virtual graphic recording may be used as stand alone visuals or as icons and notes to highlight presenters’ text on their PowerPoint.

What are the benefits of virtual graphic facilitation?

Virtual graphic recording has the same benefits of live graphic facilitation. Additionally it:

  • Saves money (and the planet!): save money on transportation, hotels, materials, and expenses while lowering your cabon footprint
  • Provides instant deliverables: Quickly and effectively follow-up with collaborators using PD deliverables of the real-time visuals
  • Offers flexibility: Virtual graphic recording adapts to the scale of your meeting – view on computer screens, monitors, or projections. Use digital graphic recording for 1-on-1 meetings across time zones or for large scale conferences.

Is virtual graphic facilitation simple and fast?

It most certainly is! All you need to get started is a quality conference call microphone, high speed internet, and display capabilities.

The set-up requires very little lead-time. Call us to book. Email ImageThink the presentation materials. Set-up the phone/video connection!