Big Picture Thinking at a Global Financial Services Corporation  

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase
Hackathon set to re-evaluate the end client's mission and align on measurements for success.

Building Trust and Solving Problems 

ImageThink’s client is a global professional services firm that spans multiple industries. Employing more than 276,000 people in 157 countries, its teams work together to build trust and solve problems for its clients. In this case, the end client is an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation headquartered in New York City. 

Making Decisions for the Months Ahead 

Visual board depicting the staffing, skills, and structure needed to achieve the client's mission, created by ImageThink.

When regulatory news prompted the end client’s audit team to set a two-day brainstorming session, ImageThink was the first call. The session was designed to help the end client align on the workforce skillset needed to succeed in the year ahead.  

Additionally, the client also wanted to evaluate the current mission statement against the rapidly changing business environment and ensure that their north star still held water. ImageThink would create a visual summary and exercises to keep a large meeting engaged and to preserve two-days’ worth of insights. 

Carrying out The Mission 

ImageThink partnered with the client to design an agenda full of a visual exercises and brainstorming activities. ImageThink visual strategists synthesized these conversations and insights into a clear roadmap that tracked how the team was carrying out their mission. Real time visual note taking helped focus and guide the conversation so that important decisions could be made about future workforce development needs.   

"Living Your Mission" visual board created by ImageThink. Board depicts what it means to embody the client's mission, created by ImageThink.

Improved Methodologies and Systems 

A clear action plan, deeper engagement, and tailored conversations lead to a meeting where participants were aligned on important needs. Everyone in the meeting room walked away with a better understanding of the path forward and memorable visuals to keep them on track. 

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