Deepening Partnerships at a Global SaaS Firm

ImageThink helps a leading Customer Relationship Management platform with over $20 billion in annual revenue leverage live visuals to pioneer deeper relationships with its largest clients.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

A Cloud Solution to Bring Companies and Customers Together

ImageThink’s client is a company that makes software designed to help businesses provide amazing service, close deals, find prospects, and unite sales, marketing, service, commerce and IT teams.  

The platform helps their clients grow relationships with customers and employees using a complete suite of apps and products. For the client’s largest accounts, ImageThink was brought on to help grow the accounts and showcase the value of adopting the full ecosystem of products through visual note taking.

Example of ImageThink board for software as a service company

Convincing Clients to Embrace the Full Ecosystem

Account leads participating in these key account meetings and sessions need to captivate attendees, center client voices, and blaze a trail to move the relationship forward.  

These account leads are tasked with simplifying complex conversations and developing actionable roadmaps in order to focus on the conversation and their clients, pitch the right products and solutions, and provide powerful follow-up material. 

Visual note taking from ImageThink captures the global SaaS firm's insights on meeting customer needs.

Improved Relationships and Outcomes Via Visual Note Taking

ImageThink’s visual strategists synthesized these conversations into a clear, measurable, and actionable roadmap for each account. Real time visual note taking helps to focus and guide the conversation provided memorable notes and powerful follow up material.  

A clear action plan, deeper engagement, and more tailored conversations lead to higher sale values and increased revenue for our client, and better business outcomes for the client.

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