Thomas Goetz talk on Feedback Loops at MLove

Thomas Getz at Wired Magazine on FeedBack loops

After graphic facilitating 26 speakers, hearing the music of a fire cannon, and dropping stars on a castle with our mobile phones, Heather and I were ready to rest on the trip back from Berlin. While flipping through this month’s Wired magazine, an article struck me as oddly familiar. It was Editor Thomas Goetz’s article on FeedBack Loops about how human’s can get better at just about anything. I had just met Thomas days before  and had graphic recorded his talk on the subject at MLove.

Goetz identified the components of a feedback loop as evidence, relevance, consequence, and finally action. If something can’t be measured, it will be hard to track. In terms of choosing healthier habits, Goetz identified products that measure your heart rate, foot steps, and calorie intake. Of course, this is just data, unless this information is relevant, and it is only relevant if there are consequences.

While all of these practices, only yield a 10% change in behavior. The good news is 10% change generally makes a much larger impact.

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