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Representation and Diversity in Graphic Recording

June 27, 2016

Within the past few years, there has been a resurgence of conversations, panels, and initiatives focused towards diversity and everything that falls under that term’s umbrella. “Diversity” is a term that, in the context of organizations and institutions, covers a number of issues such as workplace personnel and leadership, cultivating an inclusive culture, and searching for talent from underrepresented demographic pools. This is equally important in diversity in art. We’ll focus on this in terms of graphic recording and media. When we talk about diversity in art, a number of questions may arise in terms of WHO is being shown, HOW they are being shown, and WHAT is […]

Draw Your Big Idea: Book Launch from ImageThink

Draw Your Big Idea: Book Launch from ImageThink

June 20, 2016

Our book Draw Your Big Idea is the ultimate productivity tool for you and/or your organization.  Written by ImageThink co-founders Nora Hertig and Heather Willems, the book has a ton of creativity exercises that will make your brainstorming session more successful, whether it’s just you or a room full of your colleagues. Join the online launch party this week, press & reviews have been pouring in and it’s quickly becoming a top inspirational business book… “Draw Your Big Idea is designed to turn your ideas into reality. Heather and Nora provide a fantastic process for capturing  great ideas in your […]

Happy Father's Day from ImageThink!

Happy Father’s Day from ImageThink!

June 19, 2016

ImageThink graphic recording wants to wish you all a happy Father’s Day! Enjoy our team’s reflections, memories, & stories… Gerald Anthony Willems Jr, by Heather When I was a kid, we answered the phone, “Willems Painting and Decorating, how may I help you?” My father was an entrepreneur and from him I learned many lessons that I apply to ImageThink everyday:   1) Always do your best. Quality first. 2) Be a leader in your field. Master your area of expertise. 3) Relationships matter. Maintain good relationships with your customers. If they like your work, others will hear about it. 4) Manage […]

Folks We Admire: Tim Gunn

Folks We Admire: Tim Gunn

June 8, 2016

Tim Gunn is a mentor on fashion reality show Project Runway, bestselling author, activist, consultant, actor, etc… but I admire him also because he is a gentleman. I don’t mean he plays a gentleman on TV; he is a true gentleman. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago & I was moved by how welcoming, friendly & polite he was. Impeccably dressed, even off screen, and very, very tall – though I would describe him as a gentle giant. Hearing his journey of being a fish-out-of-water in his youth, to finding his passion at art school, […]

Draw Your Big Idea: Your Legacy

Draw Your Big Idea: Your Legacy

June 6, 2016

If you live your life with purpose, how will you be remembered? While working on Draw Your Big Idea, we spent a lot of time looking at which exercises have helped our clients the most, and thinking about ways we could harness the power of those exercises in the form of a book to share with you all.   This post shares an exercise from Chapter 3: Declaring Your Purpose. Thinking about how you want to be remembered is an important step towards making decisions that add meaning and happiness to your life achievements. The Legacy Exercise is one step in this important, sometimes […]

GISC Visual Leadership Workshop

GISC Visual Leadership Workshop

June 3, 2016

Are you looking to become a stronger leader this summer?  Do you want to gain the skills and toolsets to encourage participation in your organization, and facilitate focused discussions? Come to beautiful Cape Cod August 11-13 for the GISC Visual Leadership Program!  This leadership workshop is led by ImageThink co-founder, Nora Herting, and supported by GISC faculty Sky Freyss-Cole and Gwynne Guzzeau. In this intimate setting amongst other leaders you will learn strategic tools to help you: Clarify and Align Goals, Actions and Outcomes Increase the ability of your group to envision the future and to create a shared picture of what it looks like. Use visual tools to help your […]

Travel Tips 2: A Look Inside A Pro Traveler's Carry-On

Travel Tips 2: A Look Inside A Pro Traveler’s Carry-On

April 25, 2016

Business travelers are constantly on the go, jet setting from brainstorm meeting to strategy session to conference with sometimes little time in between to recharge.  Especially during the busy seasons, it can be tricky to stay at the top of your game when jet lag, exhaustion, and the airport crazies have kicked in.  At ImageThink, we understand this as well as anybody.  Our graphic recorders know they have to bring their A Game to every session they support, even when those sessions are back to back with nothing but planes, trains, and a few hours of sleep to separate them. […]

Folks We Admire - Scott Kelly

Folks We Admire – Scott Kelly

April 20, 2016

Astronauts! Radiation! and Twins! discussed by (a twin herself): Ona Rygelis! Once I joined ImageThink, I discovered the tremendous amount of work the company has done in the space and technology field. These topics are of interest to me and I also have a twin sister- so I’m naturally drawn to astronaut Scott Kelly‘s story… On March 2, 2016, American astronaut Scott Kelly returned safely to Earth after a 340 day mission aboard the International Space Station. Kelly, and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko, set the record for the longest amount of time spent in space during a single mission, by any astronaut, ever. The […]

Visual Leadership Workshop - Aug 11-13, Cape Cod

Visual Leadership Workshop – Aug 11-13, Cape Cod

April 12, 2016

Join ImageThink for a leadership workshop in beautiful Cape Cod August 11-13, 2016 and learn to become a better leader! Visual Leadership is a program in Graphic Facilitation for consultants, teachers, leaders, facilitators, project managers, and anyone in between. Led by co-founder of ImageThink Nora Herting, and supported by GISC faculty Sky Freyss-Cole and Gwynne Guzzeau, you will learn strategic tools that will help you: Visualize Your Ideas Stimulate Participation Clarify and Align Goals, Actions and Outcomes How to integrate GISC leadership principals using these new skills For more information, please visit the page on GISC. Space in this leadership workshop is limited, reserve your spot today, […]

SXSWi 2016 Recap: Brene Brown + Amanda Enayati

SXSWi 2016 Recap: Brene Brown + Amanda Enayati

April 8, 2016

ImageThink’s graphic recordings have made SXSW more engaging for 6 years. We’ve been graphic recording at SXSW for 6 years, scribing nearly 350 talks, and Brene Brown was the best keynote we have EVER heard! This year, a big theme throughout the conference was storytelling. Brene Brown went through different stages of this internal and external form of communication that truly engaged the audience. When you choose courage over comfort, you sign up to fail. Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is an accurate measure of courage. Writing your first crummy draft When you own your own story, you can write your own ending Since creating the above sketchnote, which received […]