Draw Your Big Idea: Book Launch from ImageThink

Our book Draw Your Big Idea is the ultimate productivity tool for you and/or your organization.  Written by ImageThink co-founders Nora Hertig and Heather Willems, the book has a ton of creativity exercises that will make your brainstorming session more successful, whether it’s just you or a room full of your colleagues. Join the online launch party this week, press & reviews have been pouring in and it’s quickly becoming a top inspirational business book


“Draw Your Big Idea is designed to turn your ideas into reality. Heather and Nora provide a fantastic process for capturing  great ideas in your head, using simple but powerful language.” – Mike Rohde, bestselling author of The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook

“IMAGETHINK’S NEW BOOK IS SHEER BRILLIANCE. It’s as if their live workshops were simply and thoughtfully compressed into a packahe that as easy and fun to follow but you can do it all at your own pace. I can already think of so many project I’m involved in that would be greatly helped by ising IamgeThink’s methodology to get creative and visionary juices flowing, especially when multiple players are involved. I’m so excited to employ this fabulous tool in my work- plus i can’t wait to share with all of my clients! What a fun way to strategize, collaborate and innovate!” – Sydney Campos, Operations Director and Magic Maker, Praytell


“For many of us, this is a real opportunity to get out of our comfort zone” –Liam Hughes, Biggerplate

From Amazon:

“Draw your Big Idea is actually two books in one. The first part offers a fun way to get to know yourself and understand your goals, strengths and motivation – all those things you can actively work with. The graphic approach, combined with powerful questions lets you run a great self-guided coaching session. I liked the second part of the book even better – being an entrepreneur myself, I know that it sometimes gets hard to clearly define what it is you want to offer to whom. The short exercises in the book were fun and created a lot of new insight.
To me, the biggest value of this books is in the structure it provides – the great graphics, examples and short assignments make it fun to learn more about yourself and kick-start your Big Idea… oh, and I decided that I need to draw more :-)”

“This book is a treasure. It does what so many out there fail to do — get right to the heart of each step of honing your vision and bringing it to life. Just the juiciest, most relevant pieces and processes, yet still covering all the necessary ground. As a writer and brand strategist, my go-to for solving problems is typically language. But coming at this from a visual perspective took me to a different place. Richer and more well-rounded! Think of this book as a creative and practical framework for success on your own terms!”

“This book is a wonderful resource to get your creative juices flowing! It helps walk you through planning your next steps towards accomplishing your goal. At the same time the exercises are fun and nothing like having to read on and on about someone else’s approach to their big idea. I would highly recommend this book to those looking to expand their ideas and think outside the box!”

ImageThink-MSNBC-Your-BusinessWe were featured on MSNBC Your Business this past Sunday, Nora demonstrated techniques & skills from our book to support Bluma Project.

13445271_10153719357828333_3773851148600988698_nHeather & Nora appeared on Fox Business, which will air very soon!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.06.21 AMHeather & Nora also appeared on American Express OpenForum talking about the importance of travel.

Want more info on the book? Join the online launch party today! Pick up Draw Your Big Idea on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound or wherever books are sold. If you’ve been wondering how your drawing skills can improve your business, this could be your first steps toward useful graphic facilitation training.  Tweet us #DrawYourBigIdea when you get yours, and be sure to keep up with our blog for the latest tips and resources for graphic recording!

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