Happy Father’s Day from ImageThink!


ImageThink graphic recording wants to wish you all a happy Father’s Day! Enjoy our team’s reflections, memories, & stories…


Gerald Anthony Willems Jr, by Heather

When I was a kid, we answered the phone, “Willems Painting and Decorating, how may I help you?” My father was an entrepreneur and from him I learned many lessons that I apply to ImageThink everyday: 

 1) Always do your best. Quality first.

2) Be a leader in your field. Master your area of expertise.

3) Relationships matter. Maintain good relationships with your customers. If they like your work, others will hear about it.

4) Manage work life balance.

My dad worked hard and played hard. One of my favorite memories as a kid was going on week long camping trips with our family. It was filled with hiking, swimming, and cooking fish over the fire. You have to dedicate a lot of time and energy into running your own business, but it is important to take time to recharge and spend time with your family so you can return to your work with passion.


Michael Herting, by Nora

My dad always thought I would make a great business leader, even though I had made up my mind to go to art school. Now that I wear the COO/CFO hat at ImageThink, I realize Dad clearly saw something in me that I didn’t recognize myself!


Rodney Dent, by Derrick

We were stationed in Savannah, GA prior to my family’s move back to Memphis, TN. He was in the military at the time, and was just starting to plant his roots back home after his term in the army, and a few years of extensive travel on tour. He always treasured those years of seeing the world and would always encourage me and my brother to take in as much of it as possible, and to pack our lives with experience. I internalize that advice to this day, and it has served as a compass when I feel like I need to make significant changes in my life.


William Monrose Blount, by Maria

He was a Renaissance man who was a fighter pilot in WWII and fought in the Pacific Theater. He became a lawyer and then a judge afterwards.  He later quit all of that to pursue his dream of designing and building beautiful houses. He taught himself how to play classical guitar and also to speak French.  He was an amazing husband and father of 8 children.


Oscar Westwood, by James

2o months ago, Oscar came into my life. He’s a silent, wall-eyed, super happy boston terrier. I consider myself a proud pappy of this majestic top pooch. We celebrate by spending the day together, going to the park, & looking for treats.


Michael Canada, by Chyna

My Dad is a role model. He is quiet and reserved, but I was always able to tell that he loved my siblings and I. One of my fondest memories was one summer he had us watch a movie with him called Courageous by Alex Kendrick. This movie touched me because it reminded me of what a hard worker my dad is. Everything he does is for the betterment of his children, however he never skipped a beat by being at all of our talent shows, track meets, and sports games. My dad will forever be my hero.

Happy Father’s Day! Be sure to pickup our new book Draw Your Big Idea which comes out June 21st.

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