Working Virtually and Engaging with Impact

Quality Over Quantity, Now More Than Ever

In this era of social distancing and working from home, teams are finding they need to connect more frequently to stay on top of things, and struggling with days full of Zoom and Teams meetings. And as many businesses are looking likely to operate remotely for the remainder of 2020, it’s crucial to make every meeting count.

We’re social beings wired to connect, but making up for the lack of human interaction with more emails and calls can paradoxically result in poorer communication and information overload. Face to face interactions allow us to communicate organically. These new virtual venues call for new techniques and new skills.

ImageThink has been helping clients remember that their team members may be isolated, but that doesn’t have to mean they are siloed and alone. Our expert facilitation, hand illustrated notes, and virtual moderation help bring the human element to impersonal tools and increase your ability to connect and collaborate. Even better, ImageThink toolkits and processes are flexible, platform agnostic, and bespoke to your needs.

Digital Graphic Recording: Help Your Attendees Zero In, Rather than Zone Out

ImageThink graphic recorder creating a hand-drawn infographic

Live visuals deepen connection, retention and create meaningful deliverables. Graphic recording is the real-time translation of conversations or presentations into text and pictures. Our graphic recorders do three things simultaneously: listen for key ideas, synthesize them, and document them in visual form.

As a result, attendees remain more focused on your content, more engaged in the conversation, and create stronger memories of what was discussed. Remote digital scribing brings these benefits to the virtual environment, where it can be difficult to feel connected. That means better collaboration, boosted buy-in, and more actionable takeaways.

Virtual Moderator: Guiding Your Team to the Virtual Summit

In-person meetings with large groups can be challenging as it is, and all the additional technology that is currently making our work possible, just adds another layer of complexity. As your team, and the teams of all your clients and competitors work to climb the technological Everest of long-term remote collaboration, it can be really helpful. tohave someone leading. the way who’s been there before.

As the dedicated “virtual guide,” on countless client meetings over the past decade, ImageThink manages meeting dynamics and technology so your presenter can focus on being the expert, rather than on who is and is not muted.

We welcome, orient, and acclimate your attendees to the virtual environment, and serve as a virtual concierge. That means managing screen sharing, creating and facilitating breakout rooms, and introducing and running engagement modules. We can also monitor your chat window, and serve as a connective thread through your day or multi-day event.

And with important Q2 numbers on the line, that experience and expertise counts for more than ever before.

Virtual Facilitation: Design a Meeting that Delights Participants

Illustration of a virtual facilitator coming out of a monitor

Perhaps even more than their in-person, real-world counterparts, virtual meetings can benefit tremendously from a dedicated facilitator. We’re so often amazed (if not surprised) by what our clients can accomplish when a meeting has been custom designed and facilitated to meet their needs.

The cornerstone of our approach to facilitation (virtual or otherwise) is rooted in The ImageThink Method (TM). Designed and executed to maximize impact, interaction, and engagement, The ImageThink Method (TM) incorporates design thinking, mind-mapping, and graphic recording to inspire collaboration.

We guide participants through group discussions, engaging with virtual tools like polls, breakout rooms and hands-on exercises, our facilitators ensure you meet your objectives while delighting and inspiring attendees.

The end result is a more engaging, collaborative, and creative process that ends with measurable outcomes, meaningful deliverables, and actionable roadmaps.

Virtual Training: How to Drive Engagement in the Virtual Space

ImageThink Creative Brainstorming Webinar for Virtual Brainstorm and Collaboration Learning

What’s the old adage? Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime? Right now, teams are learning the strengths and weaknesses of working from home. Many lifelong city dwellers are considering permanently relocating or negotiating more regular work-from-home policies.

As we collectively enter a new era of working, every team is going to need the tools. to effectively communicate. As we like to say at ImageThink, we’ve had tens of thousands of years to learn to communicate and collaborate in person, and merely a decade to explore working together through computers.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what the ImageThink team has spent that decade doing, and we can tailor our wide ranging training modules to your specific needs. You’ll leave empowered with tools to lead effective, efficient, and engaging virtual meetings, and a feeling of mastery over your virtual space.

We’ve offered clients technical guidance, presentation coaching and taught them facilitation techniques, agenda design, provided icebreakers and energizers, and team building exercises. Just check out one of our recent or upcoming webinars and see for yourself! We actually have a webinar specifically about leading virtual brainstorms, and you can register below!

Virtual Event Support: Reimagine In-Person Events for Virtual Delivery

A lot of 2020 events have already been postponed or cancelled, and with the future still uncertain, events producers are working to translate the in-person ideal into a better online alternative.

As experts in visual engagement and virtual meeting spaces, ImageThink will advise you on mapping your event to a virtual platform, identify valuable sponsorship opportunities, incorporate augmented reality, and foster interactivity with social listening murals.

ImageThink can also create usable visual templates, illustrated avatars, and custom virtual backgrounds for your meeting platform and attendees. With overhead significantly lowered, you may find that your event has an even bigger upside on the web than at the convention center

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