Nine Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Graphic Recorder or Facilitator

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Have you seen their portfolio as well as client referrals?

This first question may seem obvious, but with hand-drawn art, style ranges greatly. Before making your choice on a partner, make sure that their style matches your needs. Additionally, as with any hire, it’s good to speak with some previous clients as a way to ensure you’ll have a productive partnership.

What is included in the agreement?

Again, it may seem clear that you can expect on-site drawing and either digital or physical notes on delivery. But as with portfolio review, it’s important to be aware of a lot of the additional costs that spring up, including travel, materials, revisions, and usage rights. Is it an hourly or daily rate? How many hours are included? What are potential overages? At ImageThink, we include a robust planning call, covering these logistics, as well as fully preparing for your event.

Who will be working on your engagement?

Unsurprisingly in our niche industry, there are a lot of independent contractors, and during the busy months, companies will hire subcontractors. Beyond knowing who will be supporting your event on the day, it’s good to know who will be supporting them? Who is coordinating logistics and deliverables? What happens if the scheduled GR is under the weather? Do you have a primary account contact you can reach if/when a problem arises?

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What business liability insurance does your graphic recorder carry?

Most sessions are highly confidential, often pertaining to business strategies or trade secrets. For your protection, be sure whomever you are speaking to is bonded and insured and is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Do you have a meeting facilitator?

Have you hired a professional facilitator to develop and manage the agenda, or is someone internally managing that? Unfortunately, sometimes Graphic Recorders are expected to both lead and capture a meeting, which doesn’t serve either need well. ImageThink offers both services, and has worked with a number of capable facilitators.

How quickly are deliverables turned around, and in what formats?

You’re spending good money to capture the top ideas from a session, and hopefully achieve alignment and buy-in during the process. A critical benefit of graphic recording is that it enables you to socialize these ideas, and you want to strike while the iron is hot. Knowing that you will get your illustrated notes quickly, and in a usable format is of the utmost importance.

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What continued engagement does your Graphic Recorder or Facilitator offer?

After the meeting’s done, what happens with your ideas? So much of the meeting actually takes place OUTSIDE of the conference room. From scanning for insights, creating a plan, encouraging buy-in, socializing and executing your plan, to reflecting on the success or failure of a project, ImageThink leverages their trademarked methodology to guide clients through every stage of their project.

What added perks do you get?

Beyond just helping get your ideas down on paper, will your graphic recorder help socialize your message? Can they animate or create a video for you? Will they digitize your assets? Can they help you create custom mugs, totes, mousepads, or other gifts?

Have you talked to ImageThink first?

We’re serious! Whether or not you ultimately choose us for your meeting or event, we are happy to share our ten years of experience to help evaluate your needs and ask the right questions. Give us a call at the number above, or schedule a conversation with one of our account managers today. We can’t wait to talk to you.

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