8 Tips for Graphic Recording, From IFVP to You

At the 2015 IFVP Conference, “Getting Into The Head of a Graphic Recorder,” a compelling conversation between seasoned practitioners revealed some interesting and valuable insight into what goes on during graphic recording. It’s moderated by Sara Hepner-Waldston, and the speakers were Sophia Liang, Tim Hamons, Donatella Pastorino , Renatta Algalarrondo, and Kelvy Bird. They were generous to share some tips from years of practicing. Here are some tips and tricks that were shared throughout the discussion.

1. Understand your bias. Take into account your knowledge and experience.

2. Step back! Wait for the message, and trust yourself at the front of the room.

3. Read the energy of the room. How does that energy affect your capture?

4. Body language is important! Be aware of how your present yourself.

5. Challenge yourself to constantly get out of your own way. Be present!

6. Switch modes, and do so with ease.

7. Add content for clarification.

8. Evolve! Continue to absorb and integrate new concepts and ideas you learn. You’ll continue to improve your style and craft while simultaneously expanding your skillset.


Graphic recording, besides being a fresh and creative way of communicating big ideas visually, is also an intricate science combining listening, synthesizing, and organizing data. ImageThink makes a conscious effort to stay on top of industry trends and learn from the best of the field. We also enjoy consolidating what we have learned and sharing back to our clients and our community. Stay tuned more more blog posts on thought leadership and taking an insider look at graphic recording here at ImageThink blog!

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