ImageThink’s virtual illustrations at UnConference 2013

Who doesn’t love having custom, eye-catching, and engaging graphics immediately available to you? Recently at ImageThink, we were delighted to digitally create unique creative content for the One Club’s annual Creative unConference in Chicago,IL — all from our studios in Brooklyn, NY!

Pioneering a new service in visualizing information virtually, ImageThinker, Yao Xiao, rapidly created sharable graphic visuals¬†of some of unConfernce’s most salient moments:

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UnConference was filled with creative dialogue and innovative conversations with the best and brightest minds. Unlike traditional conferences, its flexible, participant-driven format favored discussion, debate and interactive participation on emerging trends, the latest issues and new projects.

And even though unConference was several states away from us, using up-to-date notes from an unConference attendee, ImageThink was able to rapidly create digital illustrations using a Wacom tablet real-time in our studios. We then shared-back our illustrations via e-mail to the unConference on-site team, so the graphics could be then either displayed in the room on a projection screen or shared across social media.

ImageThink’s new service in virtual visualization brings you the same heightened value of rapid illustrations, is perfect for sharing across online platforms to boost your social media clout, and comes at a lower cost to you compared to traditional in-person graphic recording.

To learn more about ImageThink’s capabilities in virtual visualizations, graphic recording, or illustration please contact us at or check out our Service page for more information.

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